Friday, December 4, 2009

~From Russia With Love ~

Ladies I promise this is a most Special Treat Breezy shall share today !
A few weeks ago My Dear Friend Miss Raven Pennyfeather owner of House of RFyre gifted Breezy this gown ... Breezy put it on and twirled and twirled and had to set it aside for breezy was so busy .
Early this am she made a point to spend some quality time with this creation .
Breezy found herself taken back to a most decadent time in history full of magic mystery and drama in the builds and designs in the stories be it music or literature ..
From the steppes of Russia, RFyre brings you Oksana, a Russian fairy tale of romance and beauty, ornately adorned with the embroidery of the most skilled craftswoman, embellished with the most decadent furs and leathers.

Indeed Feel the magic of the holiday season with this beautiful ensemble from RFyre.

Ensemble includes:
RFyre Oksana Womens :
Cuff LeftRFyre Oksana Womens :
Cuff RightRFyre Oksana Womens :
RFyre Oksana Womens Fur Collar
RFyre Oksana Womens Shirt
RFyre Oksana Womens Skirt :
LongRFyre Oksana Womens Skirt Mid Length
RFyre Oksana Womens: Glitch Pants
RFyre Oksana Womens: Stockings
“Steps were heard at the door, and Princess Betsy, knowing it was Madame Karenina, glanced at Vronsky. He was looking toward the door, and his face wore a strange new expression. Joyfully, intently, and at the same time timidly, he gazed at the approaching figure, and slowly he rose to his feet.”- Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, Book 2, Ch. 7
In this world or any world .. In the long run what goes around comes around !
Those that know me know I love to give and share .. This designer and her staff and house are very dear and special to Breezy. Her Heart is her greatest share to me ! But this gift touched my heart because I know how much heart she put into it !!!
I am proud to have her now extended designs for men and women at my Beloved Piermont Landing ... Steam punk can be so many things in the fashion front . The key have fun with while staying in Period ...For Miss Raven Her very own
Victorian, Goth like creative that are inspired from around the globe blow breezy away and often give her the fondest twirls .. smiles ...
Do stop by and visit today .. All item are transferable .. Intended to be enjoyed by all :
whether one keeps it for themselves or makes a point to give and share
House of RFyre @ Piermont Landing
Smiless and Happy Twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
"Kolyada" "Kolyada"Kolyada has arrived,On the Eve of the Nativity,
Holy KolyadaThrough all the courts, in all the alleys.
We found KolyadaIn Peter's Court.Round Peter's Court there is an iron fence,In the midst of the court there are three
rooms,In the first room is the bright Moon,In the second room the red Sun,And in the third room, the many stars.
Russian Carol

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Stunning with outstanding taste as always, madam. Kudos to RFrye for their excellent work and your reporting!