Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Holidays .. May Your every Wish Come True...

Often its starts with a wonderful Fashion Statement .**of course**. This is House of RFyres latest
The Fury ..... next .. well it is second life .... let one's imagination .. go .. shall we ?
Greetings .. The outfit on Breezy was a most special Gift from Miss Raven ..
The Fury !!! A most classy fun dark ensemble .. for more info on it
For this delightful ensemble Breezy wanted something old 20th century city like ..on the location front....*grins*
thanks to our fun second life in moments she was there ...
Breezy has been trying so hard to do good and spread holiday cheer. Today she was feeling a tad melancholy today .. Perhaps a tad Peggy Lee "Is that all there is" Christmas pasts, Family members gone .. a character depth thing ~ our own personal journey~ often quite lonely to be honest ..
point ((I think)) sooner or later we each go through this .. ((I think)) it is healthy to remember ..
When all of a sudden... Well who is this ??? *laughs to herself* oh my !!!

A little fun house !! A Little house of horrors gift shop ... what better gift for that hard to find someone on your virtual dark list .. Hey folks this is better then coal !!!
Perhaps it was the bright red blood or the most scary clowns but all of a sudden Breezy felt back in the holiday mood again .. the all of a sudden She realized how much She still has to do ..
smiles .
share the feelings .. feel the spirit .. this holiday Season ..
if you dare .. if you can .. we all might as well have some fun ...
What ever mood one is in ((or not in )) this holiday Season do try and have some fun with it ..
As it only comes but once a year ... There are no redos on the Spirit of Season folks .. oh perhaps again next year .. smiles and dark festive twirlsssssssssssssssssss indeed !!!
For more info ..on The dark fun Sim Breezy found for this off the cuff blog ... see below :)
!Survival horror! Shop RentalsSiden dark RPG and Shop/store (Dark urban,Horror)Created, not that long ago, Siden is the very epitome of a modern city. KW: Silent hill,resident evil,Dark Urban RPG,Zombies Dark Role play sim,

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