Sunday, December 13, 2009

Totally Not Doctor O's Holiday Build Challenge!

Now now I am sure I know what you all must be thinking What is that Doctor Obolensky
up to now .. well (grins) please let me share .. Of course it all starts in New Babbage ...
Brisk and cold ((Its winter there now , all must know)) but indeed Industry Marches on to a tune rather a tad off beat to rest ...
Breezy was rushing about and saw that Santa Clank had made some adjustments ..
ummm hey fella "that's not really the candy I was thinking"
Yes yes I know Doctor Obolensky is known grid wide for his Wonderous Evil Nom Candy !!!
The Perfect Seasons Greeting From
Doctor Obolensky
M 'Wahhh M'Wahhh M'Wahhh
gee for crying out loud ..
can't you just say ho ho ho like everyone else ???
Ohhh doesn't he look festive in his creative Fez ...

((roll eyes))

hummm tilts head now how on earth did the Clockwinder get in there .
.((he is every where you know esp.. this time of year .. *wink*)))
Love this by the way !!!! Kudos !!

awwww Miss Kaylee little steam snow santa topper !!!
*grins* and Miss Elle' signature minni skull balloon ..
There is so much heart and creative adorning this Tree .. too many to mention each one . but whisperss love Mr Sixspence .. Holiday colored Steam Sled darling !!!!
this adorable tea pot gives a cup of hot cocoa and see the tiny clockwork kitty ..
both adorable !!! Gosh they each are all special do make a point to visit or add an entry
soon !!!
The "Totally Not Doctor O's Holiday Build Challenge !!
build and orniment or gift ..
30 prim limit
Well yes Santa what ever do you mean ?? of course I have been a good girl all year !!!!
tiny mwahh mwahh mwahh

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