Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~The Virtual Holiday Season ~ Isle of RFyre~

Ah the Isle Of RFyre .. an extra special visit for Christmas !!!
Please click on the song below and enjoy this tiny peek of a wee bit that waits inside just for You !!
Lets Start with The Host of this amazing shopping and created gift of beauty for all to experience The "House of RFyre" shall we where Miss Raven's right hand Gal .. ((general manager))
Miss Harper has been hard at
work with decorations and and an amazing 12 days of Christmas sale going on Now !!!!
Breezy your holiday shopping guide shall point out just a few of some of the many highlights ..
If you do not mind ...
Ah the opening display for men and women From Russia with Love !!!
These designs are all out of the box Spectacular .. but to Visit the Shop and Island this time of year .. Its like going to a museum of fine textures and clothing world wide periodical Designs !!!
Example some of the the ladies designs on this wall cover a century in time !!
Ah the men are never forgotten by Dear Miss Raven and Her beloved House of RFyre !!
The views three floors full of wonderful shops above in the store or
we can take a take a stroll right out the main entrance I can peek from here and look what I see so many wonderful designers !!! This is a true who's who of the creative design second life grid .. here is Fit to a T .. Miss Terry's delights!!
Grins always fun always most enjoyable ...
Charming display filled with all kinds of fun Victorian and steamy wear for both
the Ladies and Gentlemen
Please note Miss Breeze's adorable Snowball topper created by Miss Terry Lightfoot herself ..
more about it here
Low and behold Miss BlakOpal is here too .. smiles
One design after another wonderful creative gown for all to radiate and twirl to ..
Yes there are free gifts one for the ladies and another for the gentlemen
and gift purchases never a problem :)
Low and behold whom do we have next why
Capalini Fine Furnishings of course and what a lovely display !!!
Let Breezy rest a moment to tell you all about this amazing animated Personal Bookcase
of Miss Canolli...((grins))
wait wait there is so much more ..
There are fun and original scripted doll keys .. oh wait wait The Broken Toys .. these are really different and quite clever for the lady or gentleman who has everything .. think out of the box now .. *grins* ..
ok ok .. she makes adorable non broken toys as well .. Have fun this holiday season give from ones heart with ones heart .. Oh oh .. Her Music boxes !!!!
ahh Ladies and Gentlemen nothing say Merry or Happy Like a Capalini Music Box !!!!
Whew looks like this little Santa's happy helper is wiped out .. thank heaven for auto delivery aye !!
and Miss Canolli's amazing couch .. ((smiles)) The Isle of RFyre with over 40 creative merchants to visit !!!
Please make a point to tp in and visit soon this Holiday Season !!!!
Ah well back to Babbage for Breezy .. virtual arms and heart full of thoughts and Glad tidings for one and all ... Ho Ho Ho !!!!
and many content and happy twirlsssssssssssssssssss
oh and breeze's dress is the Holiday version of Miss BlakOpals latest : The Roedean Ladies Suit

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