Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's Hear It for New York !!!!!

Like them or not
.... grins.....
Yankees or Phillies .... Baseball... or not .......
Tomorrow Night .... World Series Game Three ....
New York ...New York .... Where dreams are made Of .. Its where You Can Do !!
These Streets will make You Feel Brand New .....
Their Lights will inspire You!!!
Let's Hear it for New York ..........
Yankees @ Pillies on Halloween
and they even took the train !!!!!
Grins Indeed !!!!
oh well back on my broom......
sweeping twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
((go Yankeessssssssss))

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take This Waltz .No Wait ..Make that Murder !!

"The Murder"
The Masquerade Ball
*special thanks to Mr. Victor1st Mornington for amazing captures
Special thanks to each the characters and all of Piermont Landing amazing guests !!
Please note a no time have any real New Babbage urchins been eaten
It was a spectacular New Babbage Evening .. The Mist , Soot and Fog all just right The crowd gathered early .. One could tell there was an energy in the air !!!!
now what was it .. mystery perhaps ?...intrigue? ..plots to bring..........?? ponders
the crowd was a nice steady (( mid 50s in)) sim count
((doing 94 guests for the 3 hour event)) Ahh So many wonderful guests ,neighbors and friends ..and umm characters?? all so most Exciting !!! ah and this charming elder gentleman .Professor Parx reaching some candy Perhaps ..Indeed .. a sweet tooth yes ..... how lovely .. continues happy twirls .. with an open eye ! ahh Miss Obedience Mactavish how lovely to see her .. With an offering of fruit evenVery good She seems to have recovered and is doing quite well .. always the little joiner I thought .. ((smiles)) humm next she took a bite .. how odd ..shakes my head ..
alas she has always been a bit .. Different .. ((yes I would say))
hummm seems the older gentleman Professor Parx was not interested in the candy at all!!
Oh My !!!!
Professor Parx Approaches Miss Obedience Mactavish, He even Seems to know her ..

rather odd .. statements rapidly begin to between them .. She seems a tad Startled ....
I did notice my guests Heads begin to turn .. comments are made .. Questioning
Something about.......
Miss Obedience Mactavish eating children ??????

Professor Parx seems to have quite a list .. the exchanges continue ..
then all of a sudden !!! "The Plot Thickens"
Then all of a Sudden Miss Obedience Mactavish hits the beautiful Piermont Landing Marble floor..
No bang bang .. OH My !!!!
A bit of Steam , moments later and a Lazar perhaps ??????
In seconds a Mr Sweetwater was kneeling at Miss Obedience Mactavish's side
((and who is Mr Sweetwater ???))
All extremely bizarre but it got even more Bizarre as if some ritual was taking place .
Chills .. the horrors .. But this Mr Sweetwater seem to know what he was doing !!!
This Mr Sweetwater got . louder and Louder and umm Steamier and then there was The grim reaper ??
and then in Moments they were all gone ...
the body of Miss Obedience Mactavish
Mr Sweetwater
The Grim Reaper
Professor Parx
Gone ....why ...all gone .. poof !!!!!!
In fact had I not seen the haunting mirrored captured reflection on The Landing's Marble floor
I wouldn't have believed it all myself ... humph ..
Only In New Babbage !!!
but the dancing did go on as did the build contest .. more to follow later
guarded twirlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Saturday, October 24, 2009

SLC Bumble Bear Race - Burning Life 09

SLC Bumble Bear Race - Burning Life 09
New Babbage's very own Prince of the City Does it again
Kudos YOUNG Master Loki Eliot !!!!!
Well Done !!! Well Done !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Piermont Landing Presents......................

Join us if YOU DARE !!!!!!!!
Piermont Landing is Proud to Present
The Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball
Saturday October 24th
6pm to 9pm

Working Coffin Build 30 Prims
Cash Lindens and Ribbons
1st Prize 2500 lindens
2nd Prize 1500 lindens
3rd prize 500 lindens
Best Dressed Prizes
Music by The Amazing Bats
Sponsored In Part by House of RFyre
Blak Opal Designs
Curious Seamstress
Capalini's Fine Furnishings
So Hope to See YOU there
if YOU all Dare ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2009 New Babbage Golden Gear Award

First winners of the New Babbage Golden Gear Award 2009
Sunday October 18th 2009 @ dedication of New Babbage City Hall
Breezy Carver
Viv Trafalgar
The Golden Gear is a community Service award for going a tad above and beyond
in serving and giving back to the community
Wow what an honor !!
I asked Viv to take a photo with me with these beautiful trophies
Please note I really think we were both exhausted and quite deeply touched ..As we both had not had a chance to see the wonderful Golden Gear
Trophies That Commodore Dagger had made just for us ((smiles))
Thank YOU Jed they Like YOU are just fantastic !!!
I need to say something . ((of course I do ))
I wish I had seen all that Jed Said .. because just seeing the ending touched my heart ..tenfold !To each of you who Imed me and were so kind thank YOU ..I had some rather wicked weather at my end (( on a generator and very shaky cable most of the weekend )) also feeling a tad under the weather .It was really quite amazing to receive this most special award .I just wanted to thank the counsel and Jed for taking and making the time in thinking of us..We all have so much going ..

(( some of us had a very ruff rl patch this past week ))and this was such a genuine surprise .
Thank YOU from the center of My Heart for a moment in time making little breezy shine ..
New Babbage is more then just a place to so many of us ..Thank You to the Clock Winder and AE for keeping it that way.For I like so many ,do care deeply for New Babbage ..
hugsss and happy ....twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssss

Smooth Designs

*Grins* .. ahh for the little witch in all of us ... this is a special little blog
kudos to Miss Terry Lightfoot for Breezy's Little witch Hat .. complete with a special surprise when one touches it .. grins... bating you .. Indeed .. I do hope so ...
- And a miniature Witch's Hat fascinator that emits bats(touch to turn off).
Either fascinator is perfect for any Halloween outfit, the final "piece de resistance"!
Next the broom grins .. ahh as mentioned before SEmotion... Witch Package !
Ah and next we come to the costume *grins*
created by a most special Modest delightful fun creative artist Miss Aeris Shenlin
owner of Smooth Designs .. Lovely Jewels .. Wonderful Pirate Costumes

and magical builds and yes fun Period designs in costumes
Smooth Designs ~ Gwendolyn~ witch costume
Dishevelled yet elegant. SL-Skirt may be worn open or closed. All sculpted.
This is a fun gowns and I do love the details and fun of the entire creative !!!
Miss Aeris Shenlin does hit out of the park with this most delightful costume !!
for just $450 lindens *grins* how can one pass it by ..
Happy hauntings and thank You to these fun designers that help us enjoy our adventures
thanks for stopping by .. smiless and twirlsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Burning Life 2009 ...heats it up .....

30 sims of hot amazing fun twisted creative Prims !!!
Do try and stop by ...
This was Hot.. Grins.. their music selections rocked as well ..
the clever details.. and twisted Prims .. grins .. well done ....
Ah then low and behold .. Trilo's and Opals creative burning life build !!!!
This dynamic couple hits it out of the park every time !!!!!!!!!!!
Did I mention i love that air balloon of blak opal's
Just warm and inviting and really clever ..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fit To a T does It Again .................
Enjoy your To-a-T "The Dead Bennet", a Regency period gown
for Halloween or whenever you might feel frightful.
Miss Terry Lightfoot has done it yet again in a fun dark creative way
with her New Regency period gown
"The Dead Bennet"
Details Details Details .. layers layers ...layers .. but what I do really like about Miss Terry and each of her designs , they are so fun and enjoyable to play with the layers and many looks !
So much value for your linden and of course a piece of her heart included in each design !!
"The Dead Bennet"
Breezy wanted to keep her blog currant as there are so many fun things out there for the Holiday festive season .. but she is a tad .. weary .. forgive her ..
Grins ..
the stocking with bow garter tops priceless ...details folks they make all the difference ..
But all for now .. I shall leave you with a photo of the entire package (see below)
and good thoughts..for more information
or visit her Port Babbage Shop or Main Store In Caledon today !!
many thanks once again to Miss Terry . I shall return to more her
later in the month .. grins .. I promise ..
But for now .. i wish you all the best .. Stay Safe and enjoy ...
thank you for stopping by ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Did You See ?? Did You Hear The News Today ??

Indeed The Wedding Rehearsal of Perhaps The Century
Did Take Place In New Babbage
well sort of .... *grins*
I guess you just had to be there .. Yet I was and I really can't tell You much ..
Perhaps some Photos.. Yes Photos always make everything better ..
Somehow when Breezy saw this charming Priest she knew everything would be otay !!!
((Breezy had had a very full day and was really quite exhausted and not really aware of what was going on .. But would like to thank each of the Wonderful character that came and had fun with this most interesting and different event .. Also special Kudos and Many Thanks to Miss Gabi Riel who charmed all with her humor and orchestra !!! ))
Now where was I Oh yes , This was to be the Wedding Rehearsal and dance for
Doctor Obolensky and Miss Obedience Mactavish
I arrived a tad late to many at The landing including a wonderful Priest later another wonderful Priest appeared ..Well it was for Doctor Evil Obolensky and Miss Obedience Mactavish
humm I guess the church felt the need for back up ..
humm who knew ???
I waited with Miss Andrew who looked so lovely ((her sister has been under the weather poor gal))
and we all waited for the blushing Bride .. Miss Obedience Mactavish
and we all waited some more for the blushing bride ........
umm we continued to wait for The Blushing Bride ... smiles nervously ..
Ahh she did finally arrive looking lovely as this was her event .. ((whew))
Ah yes Miss Obedience Mactavish did look breath taking .. and away we were all ready to go ..
Ahhh yesss the bridemaides Just beautiful and the dear flower girl dragon
Just simply adorable .. ((giggles)) too lovely ladies for words ...
awwwwwww .. now now wait for cake .. don't get dirty our dear darling sooty dragon *hugs*
We got closer and closer and then there it was the rehersal was under way .. but then ....
My Goodness .. I have nooo idea ... Doctor Obolensky was gone .. bye bye ... no mas .. all gone !!
What Happened ???????????????
Only in New Babbage..............To be cont...........................
But the Band played ((so to speak)) and fun was has by all I do believe ...
ahh and Breezy .. smilesss got to twirl the night away with Dear Dr Fabre ...
all in all . all went well .. smilesssssssssssssssssss
But what happened to Dr O ? what will happen ??? why did it happen ???
Stay tuned ......................................I have no idea !!!!!
**special thanks again to all that came and to Miss Gabi Riel**