Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Nation of Victoriana" ~ I Will Remember You

Tucked away among 13 beautiful Sims was The Nation of Victorian ...*Sigh* It is all gone now
but never to be forgotten for Indeed Breezy and many others Shall Remember Her most Fondly
It is with a heavy but happy and most touched heart Breezy share but a few of the many amazing memories she and many shall Cherish and keep for always .....
Ladies and Gentlemen ..A bit of The Magical World of what was ..
"The Nation of Victoriana" ~ I Will Remember You

"The Nation of Victoriana" I Will Remember You

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Designing Worlds Returned to New Babbage to Explore Burlesque!"

Breezy was just minding her own ,out for a stroll on March Winds Day .. when she heard
"The Love Lace Statues" in Babbage Square .. ..whispers ......Seems
((They do keep and eye on The New Champagne Rooms... who knew!))
"Designing Worlds Returned to New Babbage to Explore Burlesque!"They were gong on and on .. .. something about :Last October, the Designing Worlds teams visited New Babbage to explore the amazing new underground railway system ..
but things went terribly wrong when they were party to the discovery of the cellars of a long-forgotten Asylum, and its dark secrets. Elrik and Saffia were lucky to escape with their lives that time – but, nothing daunted, So They indeed returned to New Babbage to investigate the phenomenon of burlesque.
"Designing Worlds Returned to New Babbage to Explore Burlesque!"
The Orginal Live Viewing was @ Piermont
with a lovely "well Behaved"viewing audiance
Imagine !!
But nooo Worries
all can view again and soon
Don't Miss this exciting and Fun Episode
Do keep and eye out to Catch a Repeat or watch it on line soon :)

This Was The Second Annual Steamfitters Gold Themed Ball !!

The Night Started off with out a hitch and in New Babbage Style

Built up to be a Most Memorable Event and evening
with 127 attending over a three hour event .
with a steady crowd of mid 50's
The Musical Journey that was flowing way past dawn  .. done fabulously by The Amazing Mr.DJ Bats
The company Superb with neighbors and friends from all The Steam lands around The Grid !
This was Piermont Landing's Second Annual Steamfitters Gold Themed Ball !!
The Guests and Attire amazing ..  
Thank YOU to each one of YOU
Thank YOU to each of  The Delightful the Sponsors
Thank YOU to Mr Fussy and all of  the Judges
Thank YOU to Bats and Dear Book and The Baron !!
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