Monday, March 15, 2010

BlakOpal Jacquotte Pirate Outfit - Black-Red-Blakopal Designs !

A Real Regal Lady Pirate Indeed !!!
Ladies I present to YOU Miss BlakOpal's latest
in fantastic Ladies' Pirate gear
BlakOpal Jacquotte Pirate Outfit - Black-Red
A Victorian-styled Buccaneer Pirate outfit. The jacket is beautifully detailed pieced leather with lapels studded with skull-buttons, epaulettes with silk cords that wrap under the arm, a sculpted collar, and knee-length flexi coattails. The jacket can be worn with or without the long belted flex skirt, created from layers of open lace and solid gathered fabrics.
The heavy belt has a large metal buckle. The outfit has matching pieced leather gloves with folded cuffs at the elbow. Under the jacket is a victorian-styled corset detailed with lots of open-work lace, with front busk and back lacing. And a pair of pieced leather pants. There is a large-gem choker necklace made from 2 leather straps, with rows of linked chains that hang down onto the chest. The outfit is topped off with an ostrich feather-plumed sculpted tricorn hat in matching leather. Perfect for sea or air pirates across the steamlands and beyond.
BlakOpal Jacquotte Pirate Outfit - Black-Red
• Jacket
• Epaulettes
• Lapels with collar
• Necklace
• Jacket coattails
• Belted skirt
• Pants
• Gloves
• Glove cuffs
• Corset shirt
• Hat

This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose.
Also Available:
BlakOpal Jacquotte Pirate Oufit - Black And Purple
((but more on that ensemble another time *wink*))

A note from Breezy ... This collection is just awesome !!
Blakopal Designs has done it again with her own original signature Victorian -steam punk Style
Great Textures .. neat movement and wonderful results
Thank YOU Opal &Trilo for continuing to bring
upbeat dramatic steamy flair and style to us all on the grid !!
thank YOU for stopping by cya next time !
waves and sea faring twirlsss

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