Monday, March 1, 2010

BlakOpal Precious Metals Gown - Gold

Special Addition Ladies as Ms.BlakOpal has scored yet another grand slam with her
Latest Release
BlakOpal Presents " Precious Metals Gown" - Gold
Ohhh just time for Breezy's Gold Theme ball later this month

Layers are the key on this one .. and they flow so ... grins!..with a wonderful Shaw,two length skirts .. golden metallic stockings .. this is little gem is wonderful addition to all's collection
Breezy had a sneak peak at this gorgeous gown On dear Opal herself @ The latest New Babbage Men's Calender release Party .. (that is another blog) .. smiles .. Opal looked radiant in her own creation Breezy did mention she loved the gown .. she gave breezy a modest smile and a friendly wink !

Layers and layers of luminous metallic sheer fabric creates the flowing skirts of this gown, which can be worn long or short. The sheer gathers are highlighted with embroidered trim, and the skirts are caught around the waist with an asymmetrical wrapping of more metallic fabric, this time solid silk, gathered on the hip and tied with multiple loops before trailing sensually down one thigh. The bodice is strapless, and cut low across the bust, and lower in the back, detailed with a gathered gold trim. A sheer pointelle stiff lace encircles the shoulders, back, and chest with an elegant sexiness that just begs to be unwrapped. It is tied at each shoulder with long flowing ends that show off the subtle polka-dot and swirl sheer lace pattern.
The outfit is designed to look beautiful with or without the flowing bustle. With the bustle, the look is high fashion, Victorian … take off the bustle and the silhouette is more slender, ready to be worn at just about any formal occasion. There is also a tea-length skirt that hangs just below the knee in layers and layers of sheer lace. The tea length outfit can be dressed up or down with the wrap, and the matching elbow-length gloves of gathers of more beautiful shimmering fabric. The lace stockings, and coordinating panties finish off the look, making this a fabulously precious outfit from head to toe.
• Bodice
• Gloves
• Skirt
• Glitch pants
• Long flex skirt
• Long flex bustle
• Short flex skirt
• Stockings
• Panty
Grins indeed this selection gets photos due to the fact it just flows and has so many looks and angels to it .. Indeed created from a beautiful heart and mind of Miss BlakOpal !!
Pardon Breezy just a moment whiles she Relaxes at the beautiful
Garden of Dreams .. a perfect spot for this lovely gown ..
Thanks for stopping by .. cya next time .. smiles
and happy quiet secret twirlsssssssssssssssssssss

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