Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clothing Fair 2010 ~Milan~ Amethyst RFL~Tres Beau

The City Milan .. The Cause Relay For Life 2010..
The event The Clothing Fair
The Clock is Ticking on this wonderful event
With just ... 4 more days to go .. The Clothing Fair commitee is proud to announce the dates for Second Life's 4th Annual Clothing Fair benefitting Relay for Life. Events are set to launch on Saturday, March 13th at 3pm slt and run 24/7 through Sunday, March 21, 2010 when the doors must close at 9pm SLT.

The Clothing Fair began as a dream three years ago with 34 stores participating in this event for Relay for Life. Since that date, it has grown to over 150 designers over 9 sims
and has raised over 11 million Linden Dollars for RFL.

This year is no different. Prepare to be immersed in 8 of the greatest "Fashion Cities of the World" surrounding a center sim patterned after the UN Sculpture Gardens containing sculptures from some of SL's most talented artists.

We have some of the cream of the crop coming together in the fashion world of Second Life bringing designs from all over the world to this virtual shopping experience. Each of these designers dedicate months of time getting ready for this event. They are all committed to raising as much money for Relay for Life as possible.

This year we are again inviting the Live Musicians and DJ's of Second Life to join us. Covering 24/ 7 through-out the fair, fundraising, and letting us all know just what can be found through-out the 9 sims.

The Clothing Fair 2010 promises to be even better than ever, featuring:
Over 150 Clothing Designers
Live Music and DJ's to keep you entertained while you shop
Photo Contest
Fashion Shows
Treasure Hunts And Much Much More. ....
Once again, entry into the fair is free. As the event draws closer, additional details will be announced on the official website:
Special thanks to the Clothing Fair Committee Members, SL- Newspaper , Royal Elite Magazine and the Builders who gave hours of time to this project: Melody Regent and her team from Regent Estates, Mermaidee Juliesse, Seri Writer , Kim Seifert , Viscount Menatep, Luna Barak, Windyy Lane, Izzie Rexen, Tari Landar, and Grace Louden.
Please Allow Breezy just a moment here to go on about the Milan Build
With textures and style true to the City !!
The builder nailed it ((mho))
Behold the beauty , experience the look of this fantastic build
where : by sure all know by now
This is indeed one of the Cities of the World.. Build
For The Magnificent Clothing Fair
Cities of The World 2010 Theme
The description for The Gown "Amethyst RFL" simply reads:
There's a Survivor in all of US
Tres Beau Amethyst RFL

the gown is quite special with simple cuts, beautiful Satin and lace Trim
least is best, add in the flow of this exquisite rich gown
So very Luxurious and Rich
This gown indeed a collaboration of Love heart and sleek design

Milan ahh What a romantic City .. The Gown
smiles Breezy thinks its speaks for it's self
as it was the calling card for
The 2010 Clothing Fair
with a 10+ in the twirling factor
Indeed Wear The Fantasy ... Please make a point to visit this amazing
event and builds soon
Clothing Fair 2010
for Relay For Life
Cities of The World
Thank You for stopping by~Cya next time
spring time smiles and sentimental twirls


Rhianon Jameson said...

Beautiful. But the laaaaaaaaag!

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Yes, Dazzling as ever, dear - We'll have to visit it during a lag-free time (lol)!
Seriously, it was nice to visit the RFL with you, and listen to a very well done radio feed.

Breezy Carver said...

smiles .. lag ?? what lag ???
so glad YOU got to this remarkable gown !!!