Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Epic Toy Factory !! ( part One)

Greetings on this Fine Saturday Morning !!!!
Today breezy takes you on a visit to "The Epic Toy Factory"
Brand new to Second Life and still in "Under Construction" Mode
but open to all
What a fun creative Venue for all to see and experience !!

The Epic Toy Factory
Fantasy meets steam punk and SURVIVES.
rental, fantasy homes, market, shops, build platform, sandbox. Playgrounds, carnival rides, Explore magic,

Upon arrival one is greeted with a neat Sign that explains all that is in the works
Exciting Exciting Exciting Indeed !!
" Oh My" Careful White Rabbit .. "Whats he doing here? hummm and a greeter too .. ahh for sale as *giggles* well ...nods I concur White Rabbit... just too darn clever "
hum tilts head .. ah (grins) .. Pandora Skins ..
OH Breezy loved the under Construction "Crayon Chair"
" Oh thank YOU so Much" as she was gifted by the Toy Maker herself and it is now on sale
Oh The Toys Maker Herself !!!! **Mayah Parx**
What a darling and clever most Fun Toy Maker she be
complete with very own animations !!!!
Just the cutest character !!!!
Breezy was thrilled to meet her and make her acquaintance !!!

here is just a peek at some of the many works in progress .. hehehe too much fun !!!

Careful there White Rabbit .. but gosh !! .. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
this sure is fun !!!!! twirls on a paint brush .. who knew .. heh !
stay tuned for another visit soon ((part two)) as this wonderful shop has a grand future and Breezy is sure .. many most special sagas to continue and share !! Thank You for stopping by .. Cya Next time .. shhh Breezy is reading.. hehehehe :)


Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Stunning excellent piece, Breezy - another well done article!

Breezy Carver said...

smiles to and thanks the Wonderful Dear Man who inspires so many :)