Sunday, March 21, 2010

KWZ in Tokyo last day @ The RFL Clothing Fair !!!

Each Year at The Clothing Fair Breezy finds One "extra Special" new to her designer
with that .. sensational WoW factor .. She could list some of the past ones ((grins))
But lets cut the chase and go right to
Kariwanz Felisimo
RFL Clothing's Fair 2010 TOKYO SIM
Designer and owner of "KWZ" @ Omega Point !
Behold one of her four releases
for RFL
Juliana Black Orient

This steamy oriental punk design is just too fun and quite beautiful !!

Complete with Hair and Bonnet .. fluffy skirt ,the entire look = fun, saucy, fantasy, goth meets Victorian steam punk (mho) grins it is in jest a Put On.. An Eminence Front *grins*

This designer has an imagination and creative heart, mind and soul !!!
The home of her creative Omega Point is amazing !!
That is a blog in it's self !!!
Breezy is most impressed with decadent Drama in Design !!!
Each designed Collection is magical and rich in character and couture !!

KWZ for men and Women .. Dramatic Formal ware that is off the chain in Witt and originality!
Breezy shall with out a doubt visit this Design House and designer Sim again and again
((as shall Dr Fabre I think . *grins* "Voyager thing" you know))
ah but till then A visit to our good friend Dr Dayafter @ the Fantastic Gangplank...
home and safe In Babbage with Rafael :
A wonderful St Patrick's Day end of the evening Dance
King James Bible
I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
Revelation 22:13

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