Saturday, March 20, 2010

London Calling !! So is Relay For Life !!!

Greetings Breezy so Loves this Design from Miss Terry Lightfoot
of Fit To a T .. :)
The name of it is The British Invasion created for RFL 2010 !
This is the third from her most creative
Sister of Shanghai Collection
Breezy can go on about the textures and design Miss Terry has put together with impeccable details ..
What a fun, beautiful and witty design the ensemble is
And Mention the fact That Miss Terry Has Created details that shall" oh and aw"
the lady that wears this most whimsical collection !
But there is more way more behind this and so many of the amazing gowns
being sold this week @ the 2010 Clothing Fair
Cities of The World
This is The Official Second Life Relay for Life 2010 Season
A lot shall be going on on the Grid
Yes it is a long haul
Please remember something
Most Important about
These events and this over all Season..
The Point
is raise awareness and funds to fight this awful decease
and find Cures !!
Because Cancer never sleeps
Cancer patients & their loved one have a long haul
For more information on Second Life Relay for Life ((RFL)
Just like these wonderful designs are intended to Pop !!
So is the Fight of awareness and to raise funds
to fight Cancer
No one is looking to offend anyone
But Folks sure are working hard quietly in the background
To Make a difference ...
Remember this next time one thinks in the negative !!
The logos, The vendors , The Kiosks and Event Boards
are all created and intended to raise awareness !!!
Catch YOUR eye !!
Cause and Stir
Top of Mind of Awareness
Sad thing Cancer does not burn out
People do .. sigh.. That is why RFL needs everyone's help & support
Most Important : it is never too late to Relay !!!
by Kevin Nowak
People battling cancer need our help.
That is the challenge we are facing.
So searching for a cure to cancer,
That is the cause we are embracing.
No way. No change. No shot. No cure.
Sometimes we hear those things along the way,
But when it comes to our journey,
We are not prepared to walk away.

This situation is far too important.
It is urgent. Everything is on the line.
We can make a world of difference for others.
This has become our moment to shine.

We know in life all things are possible.
The cure to cancer is waiting in the wings.
That is why our hope and our spirit,
For this cause they are vital things.

Our dream is to make things better for others.
This is the place. The moment is at hand.
It has to be now or never.
We are here today to take a stand.

We are going to keep battling,
Until a solution is finally created.
We are going to keep working hard,
Until all cancer everywhere is eliminated.

Finding a cure to cancer is possible,
As long as our faith always remains true.
Thank you for being a part of Relay for Life,
Where together there is nothing we cannot do.

This Rich creative design from Miss Terry Lightfoot is indeeed calling !!!
Visit London @The 2010 Clothing Fair Today !
Go Relay!!!
Thank YOU for stopping by

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