Saturday, March 13, 2010

May I present, "Tzarina". Created for The Grid by Lady Kembri Tomsen

Good Day Readers .. It has been a long week in all worlds
Breezy is Most delighted to rush to share with all and
Introduce Lady Kembri Tomsen's Newest Collection
The Victorian Court Gown, "Tzarina". the first in her line of Majestic gowns
As with any Grand Gown .. It starts with the basics
Lady Kembri has spared no satin or lace with this beautiful
signature Undergarment Set created with love just for this New Amazing Line !! Ladies I promise no one shall forget "Tzarina" A Victorian Grand Russian gown created with heart !!!

Breezy has fallen for the entire collection and these beautiful satin and lace undergarments Just wondrous icing on Both"The Real" and now Virtual.. Designer Masterpiece .. to quote Lady Kembri with no further ado .. "Made for a Russian Princess, now made for you in Second Life.

Behold a photo of the original "Tzarina"Gown .. *smiles*
A Bill for this Gown .. dated .. 2002 . yes it's still alive *grins*
The Gown is with Out a doubt a show Piece .. All heads will turn
and cam in to see it's fine detail !!
But let's Let the designer Lady Kembri Tomsen Speak for herself on it
"I love this gown. It's that simple. I saw it for the first time in 2007 and knew then I would have to make it. So I collected what information I could and started a folder on it. I have managed to trace the history of this gown over the Internet. The first time it came into public view was in 2002. It was sold for just under 4,000 British pounds in London. The next time we see it, it is on display at an American museum in Boston."
"This stunning gown has a rich and elegant simplicity that is all Worth. Charles Frederick Worth designed the gown for a Russian Princess. It is a gown fit for royalty, and it grabbed my heart and imagination with its beauty. I hope I have done it justice. It was a long time coming into being in Second Life. It is above all other gowns I have ever made, truly the one that speaks to my heart. Sometimes a gown will do that for a woman, and Worth knew that."
Miss Kembri Tomsen
For More on these Amazing real Life Gowns that this Delightful hard working fun loving Designers Takes The Time and Gives The heart to bring To All on The Grid

Breezy Takes a quick Turn to Show The Flow of The Gown !!
The second Look is with out the train but notice the Regal Royalty Look is Still present !!
Indeed Miss Kembri has created a Real Life Gown Once again !!
For all to enjoy and wear !!
It can be Purchased @ This Year's Clothing Fair !!
going on now .....
There is a great deal of magic and creative going on Our Wonderful Second Life Grid!!
Why Not Stop By The 2010 Clothing Fair Today
Experience Fashion of The World
in exception Event on The Grid
The Cities of The World
To Benefit Second Life Relay For Life ((RFL)) 2010
Thank YOU for stopping by Cya Next Time
smiles and many peaceful Twirls !!

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Once again, excellent work, Breezy!