Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nemo Steampunk sub-marine City by Sextan Shepard

What is Nemo ??
Well for starters
Nemo is an amazing place to see, set under the sea you will enter a place where Art and technology are mixed together in a typical Steam punk Style.Mr. Sextan Shepherd, will be opening his new sim, Nemo, this Tuesday, the 23rd of March, ((thus the song Tuesday Afternoon folks))
Nemo Steam punk sub-marine City by Sextan Shepard

breezy learned of this New Sim in Creations from the fabulous travels
of Dear Rafael Fabre

Now if one visits Dr Fabre's wonderful blog , one shall see a wonderful video of parts of Mr Sextan remarkable under water city build ..
Upon arrival the texture of the gridy elevator door called my name.. A most enticing steamy welcome

* grins*

Behold the model of this most beautiful artistic build !!

enchanting and rich with creative bold period original textures ..the only heartbreaking flaw .. mho ... Mr Shepard should have built deeper but then Breezy is Spoiled and has the privilege of owning The Lotus In The Clockwinder's New Babbage's very own Original VERNIAN Sea !
But on with our own mini tour shall we .. the tubes are awesome .. and there are bubbles !!!

The lighting perfect the feel amazing and the build is a work of Art !!
This build is amazing .. It is an experience breezy highly recommends
what is most special about this build to breezy is this gentleman has created something quite beautiful and original unlike anything on grid she has ever seen !!
Applauds and hats of to this personable creative Artist !
Mr Shepard ... Dramatic in builds always !!!
The spaces and textures are superb and surreal with a soothing effect in beauty
Just so well done .. in detail and story telling .. Mysterious and exciting !
Behold ... Nemo !!
goosebumps .. breezy can only say the builds are magnificent
Well worth the hunt .. grins @ Dr Fabre ..
whispers don't think of this as a scoop dear
rather a photo op to your own enchanting lead !
for more info on this amazing build
I refer you all to the Wonderful world of
The Voyageur himself
Doctor Rafael Fabre


Rhianon Jameson said...

How wonderful! I shall have to visit posthaste! Thank you (and Dr. Fabre) for sharing this news.

Sextan said...

Dear Breeze, I miss my words to say how much I feel honored. Thank you for this post, you make my day!

Warm Regards