Monday, March 15, 2010

Nocturne in Pastals - Gazebo- lifesize music box

Nocturne in Pastals - Gazebo lifesize music box
Created and Desiged for Second Life
by Miss Canolli Capalini
In the midst of a closed garden, a worn and polished gazebo with ornate glass panels sits alone. Carved wood with brass detail work highlight the setting for the brass dais. Two riveted lovebirds sit atop the lovely blue tiled roof. A metal steampunk button draws the eye, and as it's touched, the panel telescopes open to reveal the title of the melody done in ornate type. Sit upon the "stage" and one may page up/down through a series of 7 ballet animations, to create unique combinations of choreography, while a melancholy music box tune plays.
This Brilliant Collabration is That of
Miss Canolli Capalini
Greenwood Designs
Crimson & Clover
for Together their contributions Make Miss Capalini creation a very special and unique item.

*Grins* as Miss Capilin's decription read most cleverly ...But where's the ballerina? For The Beautiful Musical Gazabo Includes
unique one of a kind items.. from the custom hair, custom dollesque skin (one with freckles, one without), wind up key, lovely pink costume and tutus, ballet slippers and ankle bows. Become the lovely wind up ballerina and stand upon the stage, performing beautiful ballet for an audience of many, or merely one.

Perhaps you wish to keep this marvelous treasure a secret? It carries several 'lockable' options, so you may enjoy it how you like.
Plays "Chopin's Nocturne III".
If you'd like a different melody, please contact Canolli Capalini
Visit Capalini Fine Furnishings also on X Street

It is with special enjoyment, Breezy shares with YOU all that Miss Canolli shall be speaking on
Music Boxes!
Aether Salon
Sunday, March 21 at 2 pm slt
Babbage Palisade & Academy of Industry
Woodworker and craftsman extraordinaire Canolli Capalini has a secret: she's exceptionally good at luring unsuspecting salon proprietresses into her shop with exquisitely crafted music boxes of all shapes and sizes. As a late rez-day present to Viv, Canolli has agreed to talk to us about her music boxes and their history.
Each and every Capalini Fine Furnishings music box is exquisite. They are beautifully wrought, extremely detailed, and amazingly well conceived - from the music to the interactivity, to the design. Canolli's imagination knows no bounds.
Please Join Them on Sunday, March 21 at 2 pm at the Aether Salon.
for more information

The Gazebo is dramatic and Stunning !!The Costumes From Greenwood Designs are Lovely !!
as are the skins from Crimson Clover

This is an amazing joint effort in craftsmanship and design
note Two riveted lovebirds sit atop the lovely blue tiled roof.Joy is not something one stumbles upon ... Note the chance for every little girl to make her dreams come true if only make believe for the moments ..After all .. Joy is something each one of us have the Ability to Make ! Thank YOU for this !! Smiles After all as, One would like to think , all care and as the song says "no one ever intends to break another's heart.."

Thank YOU for stopping by ..
cya next next time ..
smiles with demi-pliƩs and peaceful twirlssss ..

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