Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RFyre Presents "For The Love Of"

There is a most special tribute going on the Grid for the Month of March
The Tribute is To Alexander McQueen
All proceeds are going to a wonderful Charity
"Keep a Child Alive"
"For the Love of McQueen" is a Second Life® tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, where numerous virtual fashion designers, stylists, models and press have come together to lend their support in creating a virtual fashion memorial benefiting "Keep a Child Alive".
"For the Love of McQueen"
House of RFyre has made a most stunning Design its called
"For The Love Of"
From the first moment my dear friend Harper introduced me to the designs of Alexander McQueen I was struck by his incredible creativity and skill . I was startled that here was someone with a mastery & style which I had always aspired to. It was heartbreaking to learn that he chose to leave this world and am deeply saddened by his loss. This is my small way of demonstrating the love I hold for this artist...
Raven P.
"For the Love of McQueen"

Breezy Just loves the gown and its detail .. and my my The Twirls effect like the cause and design .... Amazing !!!
This is indeed is a most special One .. Available @ House of RFyre
Hat and necklace included with this full fashion couture .. Stockings, thong, gown, under skirt, pants, prim jacket .. its very dramatic and quite Steamy ..

This is indeed a most Delicious design.. full of depth and sensation . Fusion if you please breezy's mho ..
So often Breezy types "Wear The Fantasy" .. (( borrowed from Chanel )) but oh so true !!
thank you stopping by cya next time ..
many happy twirlssssssssssssssssssss
"For the Love of McQueen"

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