Monday, March 22, 2010

The Seraph City Model has arrived !

Something about a vintage city .. something really awesome about a well built and creative one!
It is with great pleasure Breezy presents a brief peek into this period model build of
Seraph City
two other wonderful blogs on this fair city
A special detailed Period Treat From Doctor Dayafter

and a charming descriptive from Mr Baroque
are noted for additional reading
The Brain child of three very clever unique Builders & Characters on grid
The Seraph City Model can be reached here

Upon arrival after one just must get to the streets ..It is if it calls out "Your name"

Stroll down her streets, admire the Brilliant brick and stone textures &collective builds with a dusting of "Four Winds" that always make breezy smile

A sheer Vintage done right from the heart of Miss Tripsa, Period dress is not required but how could one not wish to dress the feel of this Delicious Period model of The City
The first of this Trio of Witty, Builders of Dreams . Breezy shall call them "The Dream Makers"
is a legend in own right , originally from New Babbage
the most clever, Talented and always Modest Mr Pumpkin Tripsa
next we have The adorable & lovely always priceless Ms Tesla Tripsa
and of course New Babbage's very own ,
The darling Fun creative out of the box Pistol Ms Kaylee Fyre
Behold the model .. still with some avails .. there will be the city with shops and an amusement Park
((of course)) and a well there is lots lots more ..
The era somewhere between post WW1 and WW2 ((1920s~ 1930s) with a fantastic feel !
The mind sets with the rich textures and sculptures in builds
will put you and your own mind right there
the stories to be shared and told ..well they are up YOU !!
now that is the kind of Magic True builder do !!
The textures are rich and the city is alive with streets calling for stories !!
The grid is many things to each and all of us ..
It is full of wonderful creative fantastic experiences and solid characters
Long ago Breezy was told
"never let anyone steel your dreams"
Remember that when you travel, enjoy , invest or share
Keep Dreaming and enjoy them !!!
There are some very excellent creative builders of Prim & fun characters behind all this
but there is a wonderful community in the works as well
Breezy highly recommends
You take and make the time to experience and visit
their City model today

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