Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steam : The All Grid "Steam" Hunt is On !!!!

The Spring Addition of: "Steam" The Hunt .. is underway !!!!! For more information and details Breezy refers YOU all to the fantastic blog of Dear Doctor Rafael Fabre ...
Now this is just but a tease with so much going on in all the steam lands
This is an all month event with well over 130 Merchants !!
Please allow Breezy to share some interesting observations
*with so much to do and going on the grid , it is strongly recommended to do a bit at a time
**As there is just so very very much to explore and find !!
*** To be honest (mho)many of these merchants are like virtual Museum pieces
**** From Start to finish , There are some of the best on the Grid involved in this wonderful event !
ah Hatpins how thoughtful .. Indeed a moment to sit down for some tea
after relentless hunting !!!
See what Breezy means some of these shops .. Pure fun to explore !!!
Remember to take your time as some of these Merchants have more then one cog !!!!
Imagine !!!

Kitty ???? who knew a kitty that wears a hat and carries a purse and Likes Boats !!
Some Merchants really have gone out of their way with creative and thoughtful clues !!!
and SO very many have quite amazing prizes !!!
This is not a prize to be found but rather A Build to be behold!!!
at about 244 prims indeed but *swoon* look at this pipe organ
complete with the right amount of shine !!!
WoW talk about time machines again this is not hunt prize to find
but one to take a moment and admire at least ..@ well over 440 prims
but the details and textures !!!
WoW !!!
*grins* some merchants include a photo of their hunt prize
Like Mr Nix Sands ((grins)) thank YOU Nix !!
I wonder if it can work on rails in Babbage !!!!
ok ok way too soon to even sort through the amazing stash
but breezy did make a point to open this one as it is indeed a collectors items
and a soon to be must have in the steam lands !!!
Star Kindler Designs adorable Winged Cog broach !!
*grins* all for now .. back to the hunt .. Remember it is on till March 31st
have fun and perhaps see ya on the trail !!!
Happy Hunting !!
thanks for stopping by cya next time
smiles and twirls off to the trails !!!

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