Thursday, March 4, 2010

A wee Bit of Boudoir ~ all Woman :)

Greetings this is a short smokey blog from Breezy today ..
The Gown "Boudoir" From Miss Sonatta
Sometimes it is just fun to go through our inventories and share a look
The location is for another blog .. but as Breezy was playing with lighting and such
She came across this gown in her stash and thought ..
"Oh what fun"
In any world all have the opportunity to be many many things ..
Breezy does always enjoy being a Woman first !!
The Victorian era has her heart but the vintage era shall always command her soul
something very hot, mysterious and smokey to it !!!
Indeed be it the 20's , 30's 40's even the 50's
each decade holds it's very own magic and unique wonderful stories and designs
so when on the grid why not wear and explore
thank YOU for stopping by
cya next time ..

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