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Absinthe: The Legend of the Green Fairy

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~Fancy Fairy~
Deadly Absinthe Faery dress & wings
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Fancy Fairy
Widely known throughout a specific part of the world's societies, the Green Fairy has, until recently, been a legend of darkness, horror and hallucinations. The pages of her history include characters such as Roman charioteers, Parisian Bohemian artists and French courtiers. Although the nickname of "Green Fairy" is only 200 years old, her given name is none other than "Absinthe".

Although absinthe has been around for thousands of years, been mentioned in Egyptian papyri and early Syrian texts, it is often thought to have been invented in 1797. In actuality, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire invented a modern form of absinthe. Since its modern rebirth, absinthe has been a medical miracle, a soothing tonic, a hallucinatory aid and the "devil's handiwork".
As a medicinal tonic, it was used to cure everything from colic to migraines, intestinal worms to epilepsy. In the past, it has been used as a water purifier by soldiers in the French Army's Africa campaigns, as well as by a renowned courtier to a French king for an upset stomach. Due to its "magical curative powers" and green color, the French named this medical marve
 "the Green Fairy".
Classified as an alcoholic drink, it has been prohibited in many countries, only recently coming back from the underground. However, the act of drinking absinthe is buried in tradition and steeped in legend.
In her infancy and later, the Green Fairy became the Muse for artists, liberating their minds. She challenged poets to create original, fantastic pieces for the ages. She urged painters to put brush to canvas and create provoking masterpieces - rebellious, experimental works of art that pushed conventional puritans to see the world anew. In short, the Green Fairy prompted, taunted, teased and whispered to countless members of the world to be more than society said they were - to share what was inside them in new and exciting ways.

Time has changed fact and fiction into a heady mix of myth and legend. Many of the stories surrounding the Green Fairy have been of someone losing their mind, killing, hurting, etcetera; those stories were, in part, the cause of absinthe being removed from the store shelves. However, recent studies have sense shown that the hallucinatory factors, long thought to be caused by thujone (one of the ingredients), were actually caused by the fact that absinthe is 140 proof.
Whether the Green Fairy truly transforms or just stupefies the drinkers can only be decided by being there in the moment, but the time-honored ritual of preparation lives on - waiting for her to spread her wings.Green Devil provides information, tips and kits on the making and history of absinthe throughout the ages. Learn more about the allure this beverage has held over the centuries or make your own absinthe alcohol and find out for yourself.
She is waiting for You .. Some where at he bottom of an Absinthe Glass
or Perhaps The Sea , till next time.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing. Glad you dispelled the myths surrounding Absinth. What a great drink it is!

Rhianon Jameson said...

140 proof and consumed by young bohemian types...absinthe could also be known as the Everclear of the Victorian era!

Kembri said...

What an amazing blog, Breezy! I loved the video. It's impressive to see the history of absinth and how the world has treated it. The outfit is lovely too!