Monday, April 19, 2010

The BlakOpal Habsburg Dances With The BlakOpal Baroness

The BlakOpal Habsburg Dances With The BlakOpal Baroness
Ah The Magic of The Dance as The Good Doctor Shows with His Lady Baroness Seabreeze.

The Collections of Attire by the amazing and impeccable Clever BlakOpal Designs
This is and We are Steampunk !!
These are moments that Inspire oh so many More ,with the drama kept to fashion and amazing builds !
The fun *grins* is for all to see and enjoy always full of surprises
Breezy invites all to enjoy the Fabulous BlackOpal Designs fashion & the spectacular Builds of (one of this couple's favorites) The Omega Sim
For A Tango or two ...
Thank YOU for stopping by
cya next time
smiles and extra bright Twirls 

BlakOpal Habsburg Suit -Black Blue
A wonderfully stylish men's suit consisting of a woven tweed jacket with satin-trimmed wide lapels, a sculpted stand-up collar, satin-trimmed cuffs, button detailing, and thigh-length coattails. The jacket is open wide on the chest exposing a fabulous silk brocade vest worn with a white shirt. A silk cravat is wrapped many times around the neck and tied off at the front, with stand-up collar tabs peeking out the top. The suit pants are a contrasting tweed, with double-button closure at the front. The pants include prim flares, that give the suit a beautifully finished look. (Shown with Nexus Low-Top Boots, sold separately.)

• Jacket
• Sculpted jacket collar
• Cuffs
• Flexi-coattails
• Vest with shirt
• Shirt cravat collar
• Pants
• Socks
BlakOpal Baroness Gown - Black

A high-victorian styled gown with a bustle that is swept up in the back, and accented with tiny sculpted rosebuds, giving you a very sexy silhouette. The layered gown moves beautifully as you glide across a dancefloor, or remove the bustle for a less formal styled straight flowing skirt. The top has sheer lace at the neckline, with solid sleeves that hang off the shoulder into long flowing cuffs at the elbow, caught around the waist with a long, beautifully detailed waist cincher that can be worn on it's own. The outfit is finished off with matching sheer floral stockings that attach to the waist cincher's garters, and matching panty.
• Top
• Waist cincher
• Cuffs
• Under skirt
• Skirt bustle
• Stockings
• Panty
* As always With BlakOpal Designs Each  collection comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store

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