Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its Time For Everyone's Favorite ~ The Giant Snail Cross Country Races

2010 Relay For Life
Giant Snail
Cross Coutnry Races
Next one
17 April 2010 2PM
Cross Country Race dates
20 March 2010 2PM
17 April 2010 2PM
15 May 2010 2PM
19 June 2010 2PM
17 July 2010* 2PM
Regular Race Dates
Every Saturday thats Not a Cross Country Day from above
Starting on the 13th of March
but at 11:00 AM.
The Cross Country Races
This is a really fun event. You can pick up the free Giant Snail avatar at Just touch the snail box there.
Get a pimp my snail kit while your there it has a lot of things you can use to mod your snail if you want. The scarfs ARE on sale you can come by and buy a starting position scarf this gets your name added to the finish line so you'll hopefully get counted(we've had more trouble with this finish line one of these days well get it to work right) anyway I think I have it fixed this time.
The scarf donation prices are
1500 for a front starting position
500 for a middle starting position and
1 to be in the back starting position.
All Donations go to the American Cancer Society
then show up 30 or more minutes before the race get rezzed get your draw distance set low and simple and get ready to go.
Here's what a race looks like

Oh to enter the the NEW best dressed Snail of the days race contest contact Sante Klees to get your snail modeling shots filmed after you get your snail modded. Well try to get someone from Fabulous Fashion to pick the winner maybe. This will give us something to show people when the snails aren't near a camera positions during the races.
race results


We have a lot of folks that watch and want to be a part of the race but for one reason or the other don't race. Here is the way they can be involved without having to drive a snail.
They can sponsor a snail
The sponsor would pledge so many L$ on a snail for each sim they went through. Depending on the place of the snail at the finish of the race the amount would be more.
for example
10th or below.......1L per sim,



7th...........................4L, ect. to 1st place where the amount would be 10 L per sim for a maximum donation of 600L for the 60 sim race.
So if a snail can get just 10 sponsors, the race it could add 6000 to the kiosks.
The sponsors will even get a little plaque saying they sponsored the Great Giant Snail Race of 2010!

They could even get a little plaque saying they sponsored the Great Giant Snail Race of 2010! 1st 2nd and 3rd being fanciful some way.
The more sponsors the bigger the bragging rights for bringing in the highest donation amount for that race/year.
The donations and would all be between the snail and the sponsors please tp your sponsor to one of our Kiosks to pay it.
Las Cross Country Races

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