Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lady Sapphire From GWD with Butterfly Kisses :)

Hello ,
Well Breezy has yet another fantastic gown from Lady Kembri Tomsen to share with all  !!
This one is called Lady Sapphire and it is just stunning .. Again notice the details
the texture, the cuts , the bows on the selves, ah the amazing ((* her very own signature)) Bustle.
ahh the secret scripts .. *grins*
The darling hat *smiles*
it comes with beautiful black signature hand made gloves but breezy went with white
smiles @ Kem
Breezy is going to take a moment to share a little something here ((if all do not mind))
She does so love to blog for friends and yes get to know whom she writes her
 little testimonial blogs about .
The reason being is a perfect example in this gown .. Although Lady Kembri has named this gown Lady Sapphire for all,
Breezy thinks of it as "Butterfly Kisses" .. A perfect send off gown for a  very special young lady made with love through and through ..
I think Lady Kembri shall know just who I mean and smile when she reads this .. ((fingers crossed))
So on this lovely April Spring day here are Butterfly Kisses for YOU Lady Kembri and your most thoughtful giving creative heart !
"This gown, Lady Sapphire, is an 1885 or so bustle gown. It is attributed as a possible Worth gown. However, that is not confirmed as the real gown had no label in the petersham. That's usually on the inside at the waist. Some ladies removed the labels, and since the gown had no other provonance, there's no way to be sure. However, the gorgeous color, the intricate details of the leaves and ruffles, and the exquisite work make this all a really stunning gown. It is one that most certainly could have been made by the House of Worth. I adore the deep cobalt blue of it, as well as that neckline. Now, the neckline is true to the original gown, and very attractive without being over the top."
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs

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