Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Lady Seabreeze" From GWD ~ The Curious Seamstress

WoW ... is all Breezy can say .. Indeed she is Lady Seabreeze  .. *grins*
 Breezy is most flattered, touched ,humbled and yes honored to be connected with amazing Latest Creative from ,Lady Kembri Tomsen
 The heart filled details done throughout are amazing in this incredible Gown ..
For  labor of Love is an understatement on this exquisite gown
Thank YOU from center of my Heart Kemi !!!
Ladies Please do enjoy This one :)
For It is made with so much Love !!
"Thank you for the purchase of this Victorian day gown, Lady Seabreeze. The gown is based on a real gown that came from a Denver museum, then went on sale to the public. As far as I know it is now in a private collection. It's one I've had in my files for a long while for a couple of reasons. I wanted to do a different kind of bustle for this gown. Something closer to the backside, something more stacked and much more like the real bustle. I also didn't want sculpts. I have nothing against sculpts, I've used a few, but I really didn't want someone teleporting in some place and having a big bubble on their backside! So this bustle is all unsculpted prims.
The other thing about this gown is all the brocade and all the details. It takes preping more than a few textures to capture it all! The cording down the arm is great fun, and all the ruching and lace and satin folds make this a wonderful gown. However, what really rocks the most in my humble opinion, is that the gown is a gorgeous and rare color for a bustle gown! Most gowns we find from the late 1880's tend to be of the darker hues, so to find a gown that's not a wedding gown in a bright color is very special!
A quick word about dyes in the Victorian era. Before 1856 most dye was natrual and tended to be less bright or harsh. There was a slow explosion of color through the Victorian world when aniline dyes were discovered and used in commercial dying starting with mauvine in 1856 and growing from there. The late Victorian period became a vibrant rainbow of color, some of which would probably shock us today!"
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress

The Message ...
Allowing one's self to be loved and to give Love ,
with no conditions. No Tricks .. No secret agendas .. Simply Put
The greatest gift one can give themselves .. Is to Give to Others !
I am sorry people don't get or understand this !!
Some times its the easiest things that are the hardest !!
Happy Easter give yourself a wonderful gift .. Just give to another !!

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