Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mermaid or Perhaps a Real Live Sea Nymph?

Deep Deep below the  Waves of Ocean Herself swims a Most special Creature
Mermaid  or perhaps a Real Live Sea Nymph?
Breezy shall you be the one to decide
This beautiful collection
*+.RP.+* SeaRose_Blue
is by CelestialRay Serpente

 The Stunning hair Breezy is wearing is called
The Dagon "hairstyle" by Tekelili Tantalus is inspired by the Lovecraftian entity of the same name, an ancient sea god of terrible power, worshipped by Lovecraft's Deep Ones. Dagon is made from a mixture of sculpted and traditional prims, has ornaments that change color in sections for a vast amount of possible looks, and a bit of animation (sculpted and texture) to bring it to life.
Nereids in Myth
Nereids were nymphs of the sea in Greek mythology. The ancient Greek poet Hesiod states that the Nereids were the daughters of Nereus (a sea god) and Doris (an Oceanid). In addition, the poet claims that there were fifty of these nymphs. Other sources (such as Homer's Iliad) indicate that the Nereids lived with their father in the sea.
Hesiod's Theogony is also our source for the names of the Nereids. This poem, which is devoted to describing the birth of the Greek gods and goddesses features a beautiful passage
 that lists these sea-nymphs:
"Proto, Eukrante, Amphitrite, and Sao,
Eudora, Thetis, Galene, and Glauke,
Kymothoe, Speio, Thoe, and lovely Halia,
Pasithea, Erato, and Eunike of the rosy arms,
graceful Melite, Eulimene, and Agaue,
Doto, Proto, Pherousa, and Dynamene,
Nesaia, Aktaia, and Protomedeia,
Doris, Panope, and beautiful Galatea,
Hippothoe the lovely and Hipponoe of the rosy arms,
Kymodoke, who, with Kymatolege and Amphitrite
the fair-ankled, easily calms the waves
in the misty sea and the gusts of stormy winds,
Kymo, Eione, and fair-wreathed Halimede,
laughter-loving Glaukonome and Pontoporeia,
Leiagora, Euagora, and Laomedeia,
Poulynoe, Autonoe, and Lysianassa,
Euarne of the lovely body and unblemished face,
Psamathe of the graceful build, and splendid Menippe,
Nesso, Eupompe, Themisto, and Pronoe,
and Nemertes, whose mind is like that of her father.
These were the daughters born to blameless Nereus,
fifty of them, all wise in deeds of perfection."
There are quite a few recognizable names on this list. And indeed, many of these sea-nymphs did play important parts in mythology. Some notable Nereids are Amphitrite, Galatea, Psamathe, and Thetis.
Ssejhog  —  by J.W. Waterhouse
Although often classified as a Pre-raphaelite for his style and themes, Waterhouse is truly a Neo-Classic painter. Some of Waterhouse's earlier works were focused on Italian themes and scenery, reflecting his love for his birth place. Later on, his works picked up the styles and classical themes of Pre-raphaelites such as Alma-Tadema and Frederick Leighton. Waterhouse went on to paint well over 200 paintings depicting classical mythogolgy, historical and literary subjects, particularly those of Roman mythology and classic English poets such as Keats and Tennyson. Femme fatale is a common theme in his works, as most are of beautiful elegaic women and of many men are victims.
Somehow this seems like a fine place to close .. 
You decide ..Breezy likes the thought to wear the Drama and dream to Live the Fantasy ..

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