Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nereida Mermaid Flotsom~Evangeline Miles~Evie's Closet ~

The 2010 Fantasy Faire  is exciting and going Strong
Evie's Closet a major Sim Sponsor has released the most Stunning Collection
~Nereida Mermaid Flotsom~
The 2010 Fantasy Faire
Nereida Mermaid Flotsom
created by the lovely and modest designer
Evangeline Miles
~~~ Owner of Evie's Closet ~~~
This amazing new Mermaid release Nereida Mermaid Flotsom created by Evangeline Miles is with out a doubt Fantastic and Beautiful
From the scalloped prim shells,detailed decorations ah and even bubbles available with or with out ao ..
Lady Miles is always most thoughtful that way

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