Saturday, April 24, 2010

Results of The Fish Spawn Build Contest @Piermont Landing

It was a difficult contest to judge, due to the creativity and excellence of those creative spirits in their marine biology laboratories.

Special thanks goes  TO The Amazing Judges !!!
 and to each of the Entrees

The winners of the Evolutionary Fish Contest are:
Honourable Mention:
Sporran FIsh by Elleon Bergamasco - most unexpected use of men's fashion item
DME Ecto fish v2 - Darlingmonster Ember - most beautiful entry
Boilerplate Locus fish by Shanti Oakleaf - most unusual texture and source of lighting

Third Place:
Sundown Pufferfish by Amadeus Hammerer
Mayor's Choice and Most Disturbing:
Surfaecum Babbagiticus Masticatus by Jimmy Brannagh
Special 7Seas Custom Prize Award:
Hot-air Balloon Fish by Canolli Capalini
First Place TIE:
Tin Shell Crabs by Nightshade Sixpence
Canal Brooder by Skusting Dagger
Congratulations to all the entrants for jobs well done!

Ribbons and Payouts to be given on The Morrow *asap*

Thank YOU one and all for making this a most Delightful event & evening
 as few of us danced to the wee hours !

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