Monday, April 26, 2010

Soraya Vaher presents Victorian Rendezvous - Noire et Rouge

The violator creative team known for fabulous out of the box ideas brought to life on the grid when one wants to make a statement.. breezy went to the waist lands .. smiles.. to shoot these photos of the Victorian Rendezvous in Noire et Rouge.

The Prim details are fun ,the over the top delightful collective textures formatted to make these beautiful designs
As always A Violator design is bound to turn heads to anyone who wears and command the attire .. Hot , distinctive couture indeed !! Victorian Rendezvous
 - Noire et Rouge - VIOLATOR

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Victorian Rendezvous - Noire et Rouge / VIOLATOR
Steampunk meets Gothic meets Cyber meets Haute Couture
an original Soraya Vaher Design
there are two other colors available:
- DarkBronze(grey impression)
- Garden Antique (green impression)
as shown:
- in the Opium Tales - Metaverse Reloaded Event
- in the Opium Madi Gras 2010 Fashion Parade