Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Visit to Main Land while Judging Mr and Ms VR International (((( Oh Mew My !!))

Greetings .. Interesting share .. Breezy was asked to be a Judge for this most .. Interesting event
Mr and Ms VR International
It was quite the experience and Met some wonderful folks .
Alas as far as Breezy is concerned .. Main Land .. umm ok to Visit but so much better to come home..
To the safety of Dear Rafael and a peaceful late evening Dance & Chat  
smiles and twirlssssssssssssss
Congrats to all, esp to the winners and over all  Great Staff @ VR Style for a grand Job
below some photos including a nice group of shot  "we" Judges ..  laughs .
oh and the song .. heard it a few times over three hours
thought all should too ..
sort of became a theme song for the event in breezys head !
laughs !! 

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