Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to another sneak Glimpse to Seraph City featuring *Hot Honey Rag*

Welcome to another sneak Glimpse to Seraph City

Diesel Punk .. Pulp Noir ...A fast Hot , Smokin, Powerful period of Time
somewhere between the 20s and 30s ahh where cool cats Jived between WW1 and WW2
Think Chicago
This is the City big time !
DaddyO !
The Music like the fashion and the stories all Timeless ...
but for this entry breezy is going with some funk .. *grins*
Ah Speaking of Fashion The couture Breezy is wearing .. " a sneak peek" to the latest Release
of Lady Kembri Tomsen .. Hot Honey Rag .. and this one is Too Sweet and Hot !!
complete with the most adorable Shoes .. and Hat .. and one all the ladies will Love
The guys too *wink*
A glimpse into Seraph City
and a wonderful Sneak Peek to Hot Honey Rag ..
ahhh and a special treat .. a little taist of
Breezy's next endeavor ..
The Carrington !!
soon to be yet another
home to some the "Very Best" she knows
as People & In Design !!
so much more to come on all ..
till then thanks for stopping by
cya next time ...........


Ceejay Writer said...

Ooooh. I LIKE that dress! And I do need to bump up my wardrobe so I have more than flapper dresses and sun dresses.

(You scare me by the Vault - pointing that gun near your head! Eeeek!)

Breezy Carver said...

aww Ceejay :)
well wait till you see !!!
grins and and .. i am just thinking .. nods yes thats it just thiking :)
cya soon YOU !! :)