Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to Dragon Rose Isle .. For RLF 2010 Paint it Purple

Ah so much to say here .. alas breezy shall keep it brief
It is Paint it Purple for 2010 Second Life RFL week ..
I had the pleasure of meeting and am working  together with the Sims owner and 2010 RFL team Captain  Miss Seska Akami, an amazing,personable ,humble and quite passionate Builder !!
A gal that brought her own hurt to life in such a senstive, caring and beautiful way ..
Behold Dragon Rose Isle
"Where the living come to die and the dead come to live..."
┽ No Salvation ┽ is a timeless, gothic themed Cathedral located admist a dead swamp. 24/7 streaming metal, gothic, industrial and EBM music and the dark, intimate ambiance your forsaken soul has been yearning for. There is only one ┽ No Salvation ┽ Est. October 2008. Accept no imitations!
The Cathedral and grounds are home to:
Dance Club Area, Altars, Catacombs, Torture Area, Master/slave Area, Library, Media Room, Map Room (DCS2 Weapons), Dark Arts Chamber, Wedding Church, Reflecting Pool, Cave, Combat Arena, Cemetary, Vampire Feeding & Turning Altar, Couples Dance Areas
Owner & Head Mistress: Seska Akami
General Manager: Evadnae Abernathy
Vampire Vampyre Vamp Demon Angel Lycan Witch Mage Undead Death Horror Masquerade VTM Bloodlines Blood Bite Fangs Graveyard Catacombs Crypt Coffins Roleplay RPG Couples GLBT Lovers Weddings Arcane Magic Ritual Spirit Haunted Fetish DJs Treasure Hunts'
Indeed this is a Night Club quite active daily and every Night .. But more important this is a powerful build with a huge rp goup  Quite Impressive !!!
Do Make a point to visit soon and do be prepaired to be inspired and touched !!


Anonymous said...

Quality is better than quantity.......................................................

Breezy Carver said...

smiles and thank YOU for your post .. Please note *all* these photos are to save,preserve and show a most special transformation in a fantatic builder's efforts for a most poweful cause ...