Sunday, May 9, 2010

BlakOpal Cosmo Dress - Collection - Arrives TO Seraph City !!

Ah so much going on in all worlds ..  warmer weather in real life .. and hot fashion and builds
 on The Grid !!
It is hard for a gal to keep up .. Alas here it goes .. Behold Blakopal's Designs latest creative
BlakOpal Cosmo Dress - Black Cherry-
BlakOpal Designs offers wearable art and specialized pieces for both ladies and gentlemen in Second Life. Drawing from neo-Victorian, gothic, and steampunk inspirations, Miss BlakOpal Galicia and Mr. TriloByte Zanzibar create works that infuse passion and adventure with just a dash of whimsy.
and Now Blakopal's designs have arrived  to The City
"Seraph City"
The Carrington
303 Main Street
For more on Blakopal Designs and their complete line
But now more about this fantastic collection
BlakOpal -Cosmo Dress -
This lovely cocktail dress comes in  five Delicious
flavors, Green Apple ,Blueberry,Black Cherry,Raspberry,and Grape Breezy is wearing steamy Black Cherry, but so wants more . Like Grape,Blueberry and Green Apple ....Oh La la ..Cest Bon !!!
A flirty cocktail dress with a halter/racer back brightly colored silk bodice. The lower half of the dress is cut out of a darker shade patterned silk, which flares out from the hip in layers of shimmering, sheer fabric. The skirt color graduates from dark to lighter shades, finished off at the hem with a lace trim. The outfit is worn with a glitch pants layer that reflects the skirt coloring, or, for those more intimate moments the skirt can be removed and the bodice can be worn with the garter bottom, which looks absolutely stunning with the beautiful silk stockings.
• Top
• Skirt
• Glitch pants
• Bodice garter
• Panty
• Stockings
• Gloves
• Hat
Each flavor dress has it's own skin-tone shade of stockings dyed perfectly to match. Of course no cocktail dress would be complete without crocheted gloves dyed to match, and the perfect little pillbox hat with flowers, gems and a flirty gather of mesh lace hanging down. Available in lots of flavors to suit every occasion.
Ah The big City ..  Seraph City .. where imaginations can run true and wild to the Period
between 1920s 30's and 40's
This Pulp Noir, grins Diesel Punk
Where the cool cats Strut and The Guys and Dolls Dance !!
Join us soon won't YOU ..
Please Don't miss this fun design The Cosmos Dress by Miss Blakopal
BlakOpal Designs Now @ The Carrington in Seraph City .. YaY !!

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