Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Day Trip, don't "forget to wear your white gloves" Meet Wendy !

Day Tripping in a fantastic New 1930's Day Dress From Kembri Tomsen of
 The Curious Seamstress !!
Now Breezy's Mom always said .."Don't forget your white gloves for trip to The big City"
funny thing .. in any life, she still keeps leather driving groves in glove box ....
nope they are not white, but kit leather.. grins so soft and smooth .
So off little breezy went to big city to shoot this blog , However after a bit of thought .. she decided "why is she here?"  when a wonderful city is just a tp away and Home to her Brand New
project ....
 The Carrington in Seraph City ....
 And low and behold here she is.. In Kembri's newest shop addition .. Decorated and fully stocked to perfection with beautiful designs, landmark, group joiner and even a most thoughtful free gift !!!
Ah as for the lovely 30s day dress breezy is wearing .. It is called Wendy !
complete with a most lovely Peter Pan Collar and sleek flow
and textures that just make one feel so good !
As always Kembri thinks of everything to make this design as always quite Unique .
I am not picturing them in this blog alas Period under garments are included !
Oh la la .. 
The Curious Seamstress Now Open In The Carrington
@ Seraph City
A very Special thank YOU to Kem and Laynie for helping me and being a very powerful part in making this dream come to life for without either of them and their own amazing creative
none of it .. none if it would be ..
Visit soon won't You ... wavesssss

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