Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Empire Club in Seraph City ...............Swoon !

Greetings and Welcome ...
In this world indeed breezy is a passenger .. riding to enjoy, explore.experiment and have fun ..
This is a paid for hobby for she *smiles* So when IMs are not returned or missed, please forgive as it is not her intention to ignore or slight anyone !!
Ah with that out of the way .. The past couple of months have been most interesting ..Result .. grins..
Many things , but today's blog is all about My Fabulous Partner, Dr Rafael Fabre's
New Club in Seraph City
Ladies and Gentlemen .. behold the cosy
The Empire Club
nothing over the top or profound , just a fun sassy jazzy get away ..
complete with a nice stream and dance intan for all to enjoy !!
ahh and on a personal note .. Indeed He is such profound, safe and wonderful Driver !!
((breezy's wonderful gown, is a soon to be released stunning creative by the talented
 Miss Kembri Tomsen))
((Photo taken by Dr. Rafael Fabre *smiles* ))

1 comment:

Kembri said...

You look amazing Breezy, and so does Dr. Raf and the club! What a perfect frame for a wonderful couple. :-)

I can't wait to spend some time there one night soon listening to jazz and chatting with friends!