Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grim Brothers - Grim Couture- Coppersmith Gown

Greetings.... been a long full week in all worlds and breezy is behind in her blog sharing !!
Today breezy takes a wee bit of an adventure in Miss Cutea Benelli of Grim Brothers Fantastic
Coppersmith Gown .. She is also wearing the matching Construction heels coppersmith edition !
What fun !!! Ladies do stop by Grim Brothers today !!
There are so many spectacular new designs !! 
The details , The colors. The textures,  yes the scripts in this gown of Grim Courture , are Outstanding ..
One has the option of wearing the prim gown *with or *without gears .. there are beautiful *bonus earings and other *goodies *included  Special bonus **included the most elequent forehead jewelery piece !
Miss Cutea is one of the most generous and thoughtful designers on the grid .. ((mho))
always thinking of others, be it price points, creative, added bonus surprises and always included  a bit of her sence of humor in each design !! 
Grim Brothers - Grim Couture- Coppersmith Gown

Grim Brother Construction heels coppersmith edition
Please note the location for this fun gown, The Clock Tower ,
 A delightful clever Skybox complete with
priceless Tip Bot .. do visit these fun Second Life locations soon !
The Clock Tower - Live Music Hangout for the Discerning Steampunk

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