Thursday, May 20, 2010

" Juliette" A Summer Victorian reception Gown From Curious Seamstress !

Greetings and Welcome I am Lady Seabreeze,my friends call me Breezy
In any world breezy does love to laugh ,give and share .
Perhaps the reasons behind the blogging , is it is breezy's chance to give back to those that take and make  the many hours to bring creative beauty to life for all to enjoy .
Breezy thinks of others creative as a big deal, Sometimes people really do not understand,
all the layers that go into a design, a build, even a portrait !
Like when one writes or tells a story, all these creative layers build and build.
The Results can really be so many things, but every now and then for Some they really are quite amazing!  *smiles*
This Summer Victorian reception Gown is named "Juliette" . It was Created for this world by Lady Kembri Tomsen . Breezy does Indeed love the "Juliette" Gown  ..Lady Kembri has once again created a design that is eloquent and Simply Divine !! The lace, silk and velvet trim are so most graceful .The cuts to the bias are stunning ! The gowns just flows and makes a statement of  Regal Class .
Indeed Lady Kembri Tomsen Creator and Owner of Greenwood Designs, Curious Seamstress
has brought another Stellar Creative to Grid for all to enjoy , Her signature undergarments, like eye candy for us all .. Always a wonderful fun surprise to see what fantastic secret creative she has put together just for her customers to enjoy .. That is magic .. One can not help but notice the love she puts into each of her designs
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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Excellent piece, Breezy - you look stunning as well! Please keep up the good work!

Rose's said...

You look amazing! And the write up and pictures make the gown and clothing come alive. Thank you :)

Kembri said...

Thank you, Lady Seabreeze! You do look fantastic in that gown. The pictures are simply wonderful and the music is the perfect icing on the piece. Thank you so much for your kind words. :-)

Anonymous said...