Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Stay With Me" Indeed ~ Meet" Myrna" one of The latest from Curious Seamstress

Stay With Me ....................
Well well well .. behold "Myrna" The newest 1930's Slik Gown
From Kembri Tomsen,
Designer and Owner of
The Curious Seamstress
Breezy just loves this sleek ,classy, Timeless Gown !!
It is Black and White ,making it.. quite the show stopper , The result, the gown makes a stunning and Beautiful statement,hence the lay out shoot done in Black and White .
Please take note to Miss Kembri's
Bold Style, Sophisticated Eloquence in her creative with the bias cut.
Again its always all about the details, from her clever placement of back buttons, shoulder rose to the look and feel of each of her textures.
** Of course her now  grid wide .. "signature undergarments" ..**.
Indeed this is
Drama the likes only a camera knows , not the folks around .
"Myrna"  pick her up soon !!!

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