Sunday, June 13, 2010

1920s Evening Dress, Blue Skies, From GWD

Good Morning Indeed !!
What a delightful design from Lady Kembi Tomsen,
Breezy is fortunate enough to be wearing Blue Skies
The colors the textures add to the sweet swing on this lovely couture !
This is indeed one of breezy's favorites .. oh gosh so many are , Blue Skies is so cheerful
and quite well done it flows and just makes one smile ..
Twirlss and Twirlss for all in this One Ladies !
The details to the cut, the fabulous shade of blue are extra appreciated on this one ladies as it is a fun
beautiful look, from the head piece with the beads that drape and swing
the flex of the skirt and smart period under garments ..
Blue Skies is sophisticated yet delicate, quite a clever creation!
As always with Lady Kembri this is a real life Gown
she has crafted and put a great deal of heart to bring to all on the grid
Do grab yourself one today
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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Excellent work - you look stunning!