Friday, June 4, 2010

A Dream with in a Dream That's just what GWD's Monique is !!!

Breezy is quite thrilled to share yet another beautiful gown from Lady Kembri Tomsen of Curious Seamstress. This one is really gorgeous. Behold Monique . .
The Satin textures and detailed rich embroidery trimmed with lace . The lovely flow ... Details, Details its always in the tender touch and care to Details with Lady Kembri !!
"This is as always a real gown. I have had it for quite some time in photos (not in real life, I wish!), but the embroidery on it was problematic. Now however, it isn't as my skills have gotten better. The gown is French, about 1885 or so, and meant for receptions, dinners, or even a ball, though probably not a formal ball. "
for more information on Lady Kembri Tomsen and all her Spectacular Dreams ie Amazing creative couture...
and if YOU must have this beautiful gown right away
ah as for the selection.. Poe... A Dream with in a Dream
A Poem Monique would have read breezy's humble opinion there .. ((but then that is where breezy's day dreams took her in this the beloved gown .. to the gardens before greeting her guests,alone with her own thoughts of The People and events that this gown was part of in real life back in the day .)).  evening entertaining during the long summer nights in romantic light gardens, perhaps to the crack of dawn .. as that is when the  events went till in the Summers  of the day.. with perhaps several wardrobe changes through out
 be it Sagatoga in July
 or perhaps
A New Port Mansion .. 
stateside of course if the stunning gown found it's way (grins)
Just a dream ... 
What ever your very own Dreams may be .. Let the brilliant creative of Lady Kembri
help to take you there .. together with the real life history inspiration.. and add a bit of Your very own imagination
and enjoy .....................................Happy Twirlsssssssssssss

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