Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Morning Heartache ~ Tangerine Dreams From GWD ~

An old dear friend of Breezy's had her Rezz Day today .. Grins... Her GIft
was this fun stunning beautiful 1919 - 1920 velvet and gold lame evening gown..
period undergarmens included but of course !!
she logged in to get it and loved it !! 
The Song a classic and so often true .. alas a dress like this in any world
takes those blues right away !!!  Spit Spot !!
Ladies permit breezy to introduce you to ((in case you have not met her already !))
Lady's Kembri's Exquisite Tangerine Dreams .. It really is Devine !!
This design is a true Razzle Dazzle !!
breezy, has worn this fabulous gown a few times and is quite fond of Lady Kembri's own descriptions.
This one is exceptional  ... 
It really is ((like each and every one of Kem's works quite delighful))
"This particular gown is a 1919 - 1920 velvet and gold lame evening gown. Yes, it is a real gown, now in a private collection. When I saw it I was struck by the vibrancy of the color and how beautiful it really was. I have to tell you that orange is not one of my first choices for a gown, but this one worked so well I couldn't resist! The time period is just at the beginning of the Jazz Age and the ending of the 1910's. Fashion kind of lingered a bit in the teens, between World War 1 (a.k.a. The Great War), the Spanish Flu epidemic which killed millions, and a few other issues, fashion really did not take any huge strides. Then the war was over, the flu was past, and people in general felt a surge of optimism. It was reflected in fashions. This gown is one of the first hints that sexy and slinky was on its way in and Victorian and Edwardian fashions were out in a major way. It really is a very lush gown and one that invites someone to reach out and pet it!"
I wish you a lovely day!
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
of  GreenWood Designs

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