Friday, June 25, 2010

In The Heart of Every Gal ~ There is A Dream *Smile* ~ Mona Lisa Smile House ~

In The Heart of Every Gal ~ There is A Dream * Smile* ~ Mona Lisa Smile House ~ Indeed the Dream you give us all is the one ,You hold inside ... Think of that when you come along special creative Artists and Designers .male or female their true creative from their hearts beams !!
Behold The Mona Lisa Smile House,One of what breezy calls "The Three Sisters From the
Eloquent Dolphin Designs .Breezy had the Pleasure of Meeting and chatting with
Mr Jordy Ishnoo, a humble gifted , modest Man who's own heart ,is bursting with creative Behold the oldest of the Sister Homes ((as Breezy has decided to refer to them over the next few days , she shall be taking you all on a most special journey of each !!))  The Mona Lisa Smile House is available furnished or not.  Breezy being an east coastal gal is reminded of a real life Bar Harbor Home she used to visit as a child . The design of this home is indeed timeless .. The details and three endless flowing grand staircases are sheer classics and add so much beauty to this decadent Home .
The wood textures ,are the likes Breezy has never seen on the grid , Indeed  head on to vintage Timeless class. One's imagination continues to flow as one moves so easily through each spacious room !  Save the Drama for the builds and designs  *grins* To See this masterpiece in World
also on Xstreet
Enjoy this most special Photo detailed journey of The Mona Lisa Smile House  Visit it today !!
Breezy promises YOU will not forget this delightful  creation !!! 

The Gown Breezy is wearing is Pure real life timeless Cortour From the amazing Lady Kembri Tomsen of  Curious Seamstress & GWD - Victorian Ballgown - Doucet - Artemis
Based on a gown by renown Victorian designer M. Doucet, this Parisian confection is an olive green silk with a subtle cream pattern and peach tulle at the bodice and shoulder. Blue silk roses drape down the arm and across the back. The beauty of this gown with its sleek lines is even more apparent in person

Again To See this masterpiece in World
also on Xstreet

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Stunning find, Breezy - looking forward to more on these houses!