Monday, June 21, 2010

A Night to Remember From Piermont Landing

Breezy is a little tired and behind on her blogging Oh My !!!
But wanted to share some early peeks from this unforgettable Evening
The Night was Quite Special
Thank YOU to all that came and enjoyed
another Fun Event
Piermont Landing

It was a wonderful evening and quite a grand event ..
Some Stats from the ball
The White Rabbit Entrees Contest
1 st Place ... Ceejay Writer $1381.00
Chocolate Raspberry Bombe
2nd by Satu Moreau $1311.00
White Rabbit's Delight Carrot Cake
3rd Tepic.... $1062.00
Entree of Vole-a-vaunt by Tepic
amounts of each ......
Grand Total for Contest = $5558
Special thanks to Miss Elle :)

The 1st New Babbage  RFL Auction
The Bids from Auction
Fogwoman: 4,000 (paid)
Malkavyn Eldritch: 5,000 (paid)
Tinus 4,500 (paid)
Harvey 1,900 (paid)
Michael Mannonen 9600 (Paid)
Maggie Lynwood 6,500 (paid)
Candy Cerveau 20,000 (paid)
Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks 2500 (paid 500 over) (PAID)
Bodhisatva Paperclip 5,500 (paid)
Candy Cerveau 260,000 (PAID)
total plus some donations
= 321334.00
New Babbage Now At =
New Babbage RFL L$581343
Guests List at the Ball (( over 119))
Special thanks to Rip Star and Tes
the bidders and Auction Persons
and each and all that attended this Amazing Event
YOU each helped to Make History Once again New Babbage ..
Epic History I might add Mho ....
Special Thank YOU to Dr Fabre :)

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