Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Bit Of Sunshine with Spice of a Most glorious decade From GWD

For Breezy this beautiful latest Release, "Sunshine" from Miss Kembri Tomsen is something Daisy would have worn from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
((One of Breezy's all time favorites !!))
The gown is indeed a Romantic Day Dress from a Most Over the Top Romantic & Dynamic decade in American History . (One that is too often forgotten in Breezy's eye )
Sunshine available in world and on Xstreet
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Miss Kembri Tomsen owner of The Curious Seamstress of Green Wood Designs Cleverly Brings to all "Sunshine". This is indeed a most special and Delicious Delight ! It is made of silk, based on a real garment from the late 1920s by a fantastic, but relatively forgotten American fashion designer, Jessie Franklin Turner.
Period Undergarments included , as is a taste for this amazing period time brought to us all with great thought and care from Kembri Tomsen !!
Here's some of the little things you probably didn't know about the 1920's. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich became famous in 1922. The #1 book on the bestseller list was a Manners book by Emily Post. People said it was a good book because it was not snobby. Calvin Coolidge, a president of a few words, was so famous for saying so little that a White House dinner guest made a bet that she could get the president to say more than two words. She told the president of her wager. His reply, "You lose."
Breezy admires The 1920's for many reasons Fashion and design are just two
from this glorious decade!
It was an over the top time .. A time that let people expand and Celebrate in dreams and reality
Talk about CELEBRATING! People danced until they dropped, and one fell to the floor, dead! Of course, it wasn't Dance Planet. The radio became popular, and people tuned in everyday. The T.V. was not invented yet, so the radio was the next best thing. When they listened, people liked to listen to jazz, especially the king of jazz, Louis Armstrong. But never fear, people weren't couch potatoes, sitting next to the radio. Movies were also a big hit. This decade marked the start of the sound movies. So much happened in the 1920's!!!
An invention, which soon after became a popular fad, is the radio. Because of no invention of the TV, the radio was their TV. And, it really did do pretty much everything the TV does for us. If you tuned in at the right time, you could catch comedy shows, news, live events, jazz, variety shows, drama, opera, you name it, the radio had it! Discovered in the 1920's were penicllin and discovery of insulin for diabetic.This decade had some major breakthroughs in medicine and science.
The 1920’s was the decade of entertainment. Rin-Tin-Tin, the movie dog, used to be a starving German Shepherd dog during the Great War. He became most famous dog ever to star in the movies in 1923. The first radio broadcast ever came out in November of 1920. The first Miss America contest was held on September 8, 1921. Metro Goldwyn Mayer film making studio was founded. A new Pooh Bear story by A.A. Milne was a big hit for little children. Mickey Mouse became every one's favorite cartoon character in Steamboat Willie.
Indeed it was Glorious !
The 1920's was, for 8 years and 3/4 of 1929, a very happy decade. The last 1/4 was the Stock Market Crash that could have started the Great Depression that lasted straight through the 1930' s, not ending until mid-1940. A war started before 1920, and a war broke out in 1929. Although it was called the Great Depression, people killed others, killed themselves, became homeless, and became penniless. Actually, the eight years of happiness might have felt like a small vacation to a person who lived during the time.

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