Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlakOpal Steampunk Lady Aviator~ WOW~ As BlakOpal Turns it Up

That's Turns it up Steam punk Style ...
Well this is a Stellar Creation BlakOpal has nailed Both Textures and Designs to bring together
 The Finest
Ladies Steam punk Couture Breezy has seen In Months ...
Yes Ladies it is indeed a very special One ..
The Gown Flows .. The looks are many .. but but but .. it just does not stop there ..
See this amazing creative From BlakOpal in Motion for yourself
 also Most clever how to Video
A quick tutorial demonstrating how to enable multiple attachments on the same attachment point in Second Life Viewer 2.1
BlakOpal Designs Steampunk Lady Aviator Outfit. Includes jacket, sculpted jacket collar with cape, cuffs and flexi coattails, sculpted cap, belt with rotating gears, vest-shirt with sculpted collar and cravat, flexi skirt, pantaloon shorts, and stocking socks. Shown with Steampunk Spike-Heel Boots (not included).
The Belt has a beautiful wondrous detailed moving gear buckle
The boots ((that Breezy is wearing)) are not including but are Just  darling and a Must have to complete this unforgettable ensemble
But wait there is more .. When one removes her jacket ... 
What a stunning Look .. for the true Steampunk Gal !! 

It's ok You can tell Breezy .. she won't tell .....  *grins*
sigh ...  he's not talking ..  But Breezy sure is .. All About BlakOpal's Newest Release for Ladies
The BlakOpal Steampunk Lady Aviator
Head on over to their Main Shop today ... Second Floor ..


blakopal galicia said...

Great blog post Breezy! Trilo has really done a fabulous job creating the videos, and that how-to do multiple attachments. it's a new feature in SL viewer 2.1 that is going to be fabulous for clothing designers!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Lovely outfit! Time to fish out some more L$ from the purse!

Please don't make me use viewer 2.x, though. I shudder at the very idea.

Anonymous said...