Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gorgon Motors = "Take a Ride on My Machine" Indeed !

It's Better then ever Street !!!!!
What does that mean .. grins well Read On !!
Mr Nix Sands Has done it Yet again !!!
Allow Breezy to Present the Latest from Mr. Nix Sand's very own Gorgan Motor's
The Sparrow-Vendor-Desert

This sleek little number is cruse beauty at it finest .... (( talking about the Bike here *wink*))

The textures and Sophisticated details are brilliant !!
Results are not only and eye catching design but also a Movement WOW Factor ,that Mr Sands is known for with each of his very own Gorgon Motors Designs !
Classy, Fun and Spectacular.... Clever in Scripts and Designs !!
Endless Colors , Riding Positions and adjustments .
Ah This Baby flies, It beeps, it revs up .. It Lights up and can set for anyone to ride or be locked for just YOU and a select few .. Did I mention the eject feature .. and the Position Seat adjustments !!
Indeed this is no little Motor, For it can Ride !!!!
Mr. Sands is know for his clever cretive gagets and designs Ah ...Yes, but this Ride
is so extra smooth !!
The Bike handles like a dream .. Indeed Jump on and take a ride on this Machine ..
Breezy just spent an hour riding the Hot Hot Streets of Seraph City having a ball !!!
So why not head on down to Gorgon Motors in Seraph City Today ...
After all on one of these Baby ... It's Better then Ever Street ...........................................
Did Breezy mention there is More .. smiles ..
and Yessss There is more ....
along with Army and Air Corp .. Hey Nix .. "taps foot" You forgot The Navy !! *Humph*
*Grins* ..
Well done Nix Well Done
Guys and Dolls ... ah Ladies and Gentlemen
Don't Miss this Fun Ride and Amazing Creative !!!!
Oh and the Music .. as One Post said ..
"I challenge anyone to listen to this Song and Not Feel Pumped up"
laughs sames goes for a Ride on and in The Creative of Gorgon Motor's Mr. Sands !!

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