Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Under Water Second Life Delights~ Nix Sands Meets Doctor Obolensky

Under Water Second Life Delights~ Nix Sands Meets Doctor Obolensky
well sort of ..... grins .. Read On !
Deep under the waters of the Grid there be Much to See ..Explore and Enjoy !!
But this is a Steam punk exploration complete with Attire .. Not for the week !
From New Babbage to Nemo .. the depths have so much to share with all that brave the the Underwater depths !!
Welcome Mer Folk to Immortal Shores! This is a special undersea romantic dance & cuddle area just for you! While Pirates play above, & casual dancers hang out on the Pier, you can bring your special partner here for a private rendez-vous! Please enjoy!

Delightful !!!

Ah then the true Magic .. A Dance or several with a Most Brave Diving Doctor .. *smiles*

Complete with endless bubbles and twirls .... YaY !!!

*Smiles* a Dance  or Several ... always Makes everything Better !!!

Depths your personal vacation playground! (Please be aware that some parts of the ocean are not your personal vacation playground)
The SteaMer Tail is now on sale at all fine Cad & Bounder outlets, of which there is one, located in Port Babbage, look for the ominous cloud!
The Mer Tail and Helmet Were created by the Evil Genus Doctor Obolensky, CEO
-Cad & Bounder of New Babbage

A Neo Victorian deep sea diving ensemble, in the Steampunk fashion!This set is a complete avatar, ready to wear. Most Items are Copy+Mod. Get ready to battle the legendary Jaguar Shark, then visit the mermaids for afternoon tea! or Dance *
The Men's Divers Suit is created by The Amazing Mr Nix Sands and can be found on X street or in his Main Shop in world .. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Penzance/201/142/26


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