Thursday, September 30, 2010

Untamed~ peek into~ The Edge Of~ Son!a !

Untamed~ peek into~ The Edge Of~ Son!a !
Son!a Untamed short cocktail and formal dress -
4 different collar options Menu driven

Son!a Lisa *Pink* Set necklace and earrings
The Look of Son!a's "Untamed" is nothing short of a sophisticated ,sleek ,sexy look -
Note the shoes .. Why again They are the creative of Son!a Anthra Black Shiny
Please Note the gown *grins* as this is but a tease of what this Amazing Designer does in very beautiful hand drawn designs ! Design after Design Son!a is able to bring to life her very own one of a kind signature designs
into world for all ~
Result = Each of Son!a's designs are timeless and unforgettable !!!!
Once again wear the drama , Live the Fantasy !
UnTamed Collection available @ Son!a's Shop in world and @ The Market Place


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From Head to Toe ~ No Request is too extreme ~

The Dress Aime From The Most dynamic house of Donna Flora ..
The Jewels also from Donna Flora , The Aime Set complete with Hud !!
The Shoes also Donna Flora *grins* complete with menu driven Hud !
Step back in time wear the fantasy and feel the look of a period of time unforgettable and Divine !!
Shoes MITA-shoes-Donna Flora come in 8 separate amazing colors
The Silver shoes are worn in photo
Sneak peak of ROSINA-lingerie


Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr Sextan Shepard Has Yet Done it Again .................

With out a doubt One of the most acclaimed and creative spots in all of Second Life is the Nemo trilogy, consisting of three distinct virtual world locations inspired by the three natural elements of water, earth and air.
Designed by Sextan Shepherd, this impressive steampunk-themed creation takes inspiration from the works of author Jules Verne and even inventor Nikola Tesla.
*grins* Please allow Breezy to share a peek of Mr Sextan's next project .. Behold the Fine Prim Neo Victorian Steam punk Jewel Line.
Sextan Shepard has Once again Tapped on a most original Endeavor !!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Piermont Landing !!

Tonight is The 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball ...grins .. Now to Breezy Carver that means
great deal .. Others "Just another day" cue music here please .. *grins*
Its all always been about the Dream, The Steam, Soot and Passion
of Bringing the Dance to City of Builders ..

Behold the one of Kind Lovely Piermont Landing .. for Now she is officialy in Her 3rd Year !

To be honest Breezy thought of sharing some of the many photos .. The amazing build contests

that Piermont Landing has hosted over the past two years .. So many to Thank .. smiles

Alas instead of getting all sentlemental on all .. Please alow her to share some powerful Pre Photos, Breezy took early this am ..of her very own Beloved Piermont .. There were ten working cog fountains entered @ time of these photos ..

The banners are up, the Landing all clean and polished for The Formal Engineer's Black Soot Ball!!
Please feel free to click on these photos for better viewing ..

Breezy got The Amazing DJ Bats a new DJ Booth , sigh but he wanted a Pony ....

Sooo a horsefly will have to do ..((look close for its a rocking horsefly of course heh!))

Special thanks Piermont's Dear Sponsors , DJ Bats, Dear Book and Rafael , The Clockwinder,
My close bonds, to the many many friends , aquaintances and Neighbors
who continue to come, enjoy and suport The Piermont !!
For with out any of YOU there would be No Dream , No Piermont .. Indeed Industry Marches On but it always dances and quite eloquently @ that .. cya later, when all can enjoy and even twirl !
Tonight @ 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball
6pm to 9pm slt

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All Welcome to Join Piermont Landing of New Babbage for The 3rd Engineers Black Soot Ball & Cog Foutain Build Contest

Greetings ALL
The 3rd annual Engineers Black Soot Ball is Saturday September 25th
To Celebrate Two Years of Piermont Landings Monthly events !!!
To share in this celebration I would like to give to all a small token ((from the heart)) with Much Thanks to all for making everyone of these events so Most Special !!!
With Great Enthusiasm
May I present The Piermont Key
created by the wonderful artist Mr Thorn Witrial with a surprise touch of the scripted cog by Mr. Sextan Shepard .......How exciting !!!
Lets add to this excitement shall we ?????

The Cog Fountain Build Contest ..

I NOW SEE 9 cog fountains on the landing at this time ((Yay ))Therefore as Promised for 9 completed entrees First Prize is NOW 4ooo lindens !!!
***If I see 10 completed entrees I shall up first Prize to 5ooo lindens***
This is a special build contest to go with a fabulous celebration
For two years Piermont Landing has been having grand monthly Steam punk formal Balls to all
with *Build contests .I am thrilled to type that have seen many of the Past build entrees as :
prizes in all three of "Steam" hunts (( smiles))
for sale for 2 years of RFL ..
for sale in shops and on Xstreet ..

in general talk of town fun builds ~ This is a fun stimulant and challenge to and for the the wonderful minds of all creative builders~intended in good Spirit & the fun nature of OUR Community New Babbage The City of Builders ..Please remember something I along with many others believe True Builders are not just those who build with prims *smiles* ..For indeed there is a visionary in each one of us .. Where one chooses to take their visions is so up to them ..

But for now *smiles* To the Dear Builders of Prims this contest is for and about YOU ..I do hope more can join and be part of this most special Build contest !! I extend a personal invitation to all to join us @ Piermont Landing for The 3rd Annual Engineers Soot Ball !!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Every year there seems to be more and more days set aside to celebrate one theme or another.
September 19th has a novel topic, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
So why not have a blast and unleash your inner buccaneer by greeting your friends with an
"Ahoy matey!" and agreeing with them by saying,"Aye Aye Cap'n!"
((Special thanks to Dear* Dr Fabre* for reminding this Seabreeze :)))
Pirates Creed of Ethics
About the year 1640 the pirates formed a kind of democratic confraternity. Their vows formed the Custom of the Brothers of the Coast, often called the Pirates Creed of Ethics. It was in fact the social contract of the expedition. It was always signed by the whole ship's company before any departure when the elected Captain and the officers prepared a charter-party. Every decision of importance was discussed, followed by a vote. Courage alone conferred distinction. a pirate ship was an extremely well-ordered floating community.

1.Ye Captain shall have full command during the time of engagement, and shall have authority at all other times to conduct the ship accordingly. He who disobeys him may be punished unless the majority vote against the punishment.
2.If ye Captain's vessel is shipwrecked, the crew pledges to remain until he has possessed himself of a vessel. If the vessel is the common property of the crew, the first vessel captured shall belong to ye Captain with one share of the spoil.
3.Ye ship's surgeon shall have two hundred crowns for the maintenance of his medicine chest and he shall receive one part of the spoil.
4.Ye other officers will receive each single part, and if ye distinguish yourself, the crew will determine how much reward to be given to ye.
5.Ye spoil taken from a captured ship is to be distributed in equal portion.
6.Ye who shall be the first to signal the appearance of the vessel that is captured, shall receive 100 hundred crowns.
7.If ye lose an eye, or a hand or leg in ye said service, ye shall receive up to six slaves or six hundred crowns.
8.Ye supplies and rations are to be shared equally.
9.If ye introduce on board a woman in disguise, ye shall be punished to death.
10. If one Brother steals from another, his nose or ears are to be cut off. If he sins again, he is to be given a musket, bullets, lead and a bottle of water and marooned on an island.
11. If there is any doubt in a dispute between ye Brothers, a court of honor is to decide the verdict. If a Brother is proved in the wrong, the first time he shall be pardoned, but should he offend again, he shall be tied to a gun, and there shall receive from each of the ship's company one strike of the lash. The same punishment shall be given to ye among us, including officers, who shall get drunk, while on the ship, to the point of losing ye senses.
12. Whoever shall be placed on sentry, and upon his post shall go to sleep, shall in the first case be lashed by all the Brothers, and should he again offend, his head shall be split.
13. All ye who shall plot to desert, or having deserted shall be captured, shall have ye heads split open.
14. Quarrels between several Brothers whilst aboard ye ship shall be settled ashore with pistol and sword. He that draws first blood shall be the victor. No striking another whilst aboard ye ship.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Boardwalk Empire ... 1920...Prohibition ....

So what happens After The Sopranos to HBO .......????????
Well for Starters .....
You tap on History to Make History
You bring in Martin Scorsese......
ladies and gentlemen ..On September 19th @ 9pm est HBO Presents
....Boardwalk Empire....
1920..... Prohibition


Greed, Corruption, what happens when everything is at your feet ???
Its the dark side of The American Dream ..
Nooky Thomson .. The Mayor ... open to ????
Lucky Luciano ... Al Capone ..
These are the youth version gangster toddlers
"You young fellas no appreciation for the art of conversation"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Epic Overlook View ~ on ~Old Cape Cod~

This is really Breezy's Favorite Time of Year in all worlds .. here is an example why :)


Monday, September 13, 2010

Steam lll The Hunt Continues ...........................

Steam lll The Hunt Continues ..........
Steam The Hunt Continues Folks Going Strong .. 140 Vendors .. Almost 2000 active Hunters !
All in All Breezy is quite Impressed .. Slow Going for her alas she is up to 100 ..
Breezy will not give names and locations at this time only because
after doing 100 stops of hunt ... Breezy thinks all should *grins*
Please Note
Breezy won't complain too much about the Mall Stops or the Non Steam punk genre
in any shape or form.. ((at all )) stops ..
but here is a quote give one an idea .. how it goes ....
Breezy : ahh this is a tad More Steam punk Looking
Nameless True Steam punk Person: Ah Yes Love the Steam punk Mayan Ruins ..
heh :)
The Top Hat *grins* The Outfit and Telescope all found on THE STEAM lll Hunt going on Now !!
Tick Tock Yep The Clock found on The Hunt ...
This awesome Build ((Yes its a whole Build )) Found on the Hunt !

So a Deal is a Deal I voted for YOU .. Give me another Clue ........ looks around .. proceeds to... *Shake* The cute Squirrel
Ride this smooth Ride and Then Find the Cog and YOU win The whole System !!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

STeam The Hunt ~ Sneak Peak of Some Just Some of The Prizes Part 1

Steam The Hunt ~ Sneak Peak of Some Just Some of The Prizes Part 1
Steampunk Sky Boxes !!! Butterfly scripted Gear Keys !!!! Broken Toys !!! Pocket Watch Key Fobs !!!! Corsets !! Dress Coats !!! Vests !! Full Ladies and Gentlemens Courture !!! Pass Through Remarkable SteamPunk Genres and Builds !!! AMazing Textures !!!! Steam Toppers !! This is Just the First of Many Many Teases !!

So Join Us all and Please Don't Miss This One of a Kind Hunt
going on for the Entire Month of SeptemberGreat Designs & Designers !!!!
Some of The Best The Grid Has to offer For This Is Steam !!!
The Steampunks Very Own Hunt !!!
Toot TooT !! Gotta Run so Much more to see and Hunt cya Soon !!!