Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Piermont Landing !!

Tonight is The 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball ...grins .. Now to Breezy Carver that means
great deal .. Others "Just another day" cue music here please .. *grins*
Its all always been about the Dream, The Steam, Soot and Passion
of Bringing the Dance to City of Builders ..

Behold the one of Kind Lovely Piermont Landing .. for Now she is officialy in Her 3rd Year !

To be honest Breezy thought of sharing some of the many photos .. The amazing build contests

that Piermont Landing has hosted over the past two years .. So many to Thank .. smiles

Alas instead of getting all sentlemental on all .. Please alow her to share some powerful Pre Photos, Breezy took early this am ..of her very own Beloved Piermont .. There were ten working cog fountains entered @ time of these photos ..

The banners are up, the Landing all clean and polished for The Formal Engineer's Black Soot Ball!!
Please feel free to click on these photos for better viewing ..

Breezy got The Amazing DJ Bats a new DJ Booth , sigh but he wanted a Pony ....

Sooo a horsefly will have to do ..((look close for its a rocking horsefly of course heh!))

Special thanks Piermont's Dear Sponsors , DJ Bats, Dear Book and Rafael , The Clockwinder,
My close bonds, to the many many friends , aquaintances and Neighbors
who continue to come, enjoy and suport The Piermont !!
For with out any of YOU there would be No Dream , No Piermont .. Indeed Industry Marches On but it always dances and quite eloquently @ that .. cya later, when all can enjoy and even twirl !
Tonight @ 3rd Annual Engineer's Black Soot Ball
6pm to 9pm slt


RF said...

Congratulations, Breezy! Quite sorry I missed the anniversary. In my opinion, the Piermont Landing is the single most popular event location in New Babbage and the Steamlands for gatherings, bar none, so kudos for a job well done for so long!

Breezy Carver said...