Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All Welcome to Join Piermont Landing of New Babbage for The 3rd Engineers Black Soot Ball & Cog Foutain Build Contest

Greetings ALL
The 3rd annual Engineers Black Soot Ball is Saturday September 25th
To Celebrate Two Years of Piermont Landings Monthly events !!!
To share in this celebration I would like to give to all a small token ((from the heart)) with Much Thanks to all for making everyone of these events so Most Special !!!
With Great Enthusiasm
May I present The Piermont Key
created by the wonderful artist Mr Thorn Witrial with a surprise touch of the scripted cog by Mr. Sextan Shepard .......How exciting !!!
Lets add to this excitement shall we ?????

The Cog Fountain Build Contest ..

I NOW SEE 9 cog fountains on the landing at this time ((Yay ))Therefore as Promised for 9 completed entrees First Prize is NOW 4ooo lindens !!!
***If I see 10 completed entrees I shall up first Prize to 5ooo lindens***
This is a special build contest to go with a fabulous celebration
For two years Piermont Landing has been having grand monthly Steam punk formal Balls to all
with *Build contests .I am thrilled to type that have seen many of the Past build entrees as :
prizes in all three of "Steam" hunts (( smiles))
for sale for 2 years of RFL ..
for sale in shops and on Xstreet ..

in general talk of town fun builds ~ This is a fun stimulant and challenge to and for the the wonderful minds of all creative builders~intended in good Spirit & the fun nature of OUR Community New Babbage The City of Builders ..Please remember something I along with many others believe True Builders are not just those who build with prims *smiles* ..For indeed there is a visionary in each one of us .. Where one chooses to take their visions is so up to them ..

But for now *smiles* To the Dear Builders of Prims this contest is for and about YOU ..I do hope more can join and be part of this most special Build contest !! I extend a personal invitation to all to join us @ Piermont Landing for The 3rd Annual Engineers Soot Ball !!!


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