Thursday, September 2, 2010

September = Storm Season and ... second Life escapes to More Fashion of Course !

So Much going on and it is Just September 2nd ..
Ahh Real Life first Hurricane Season ..
Looks Like Hurricane Earl now a Cat 4 Hurricane rolling hard out of the Alley!
Breezy has gone from watch to warning back to watch ...
With Earl Coming in late Saturday... Now late Friday ...
Regardless The Storm Serge shall Hug the coast ...
This is what ever it shall end up being a Powerful Storm .
There are two more waiting to roar out of the Alley behind Earl
We shall see .. Could be history or could be just another Nor'easter
Of course we here are hoping for the later Still much to prepare ..
Breezy wishes the best to East Coastal Neighbors !!!
Batten Down Aye !! 
So on a Happy Note ....
Lets do an early am Second Life Fashion Post shall we
Please allow Breezy to Share the One year anniversary Special Diesel Punk ((Pulp Noir) Fashion Packed Designer Issue of
 VR  Style
featuring  Seraph City and this wonderful era of Fashion
Pages and pages full of beautiful Second Life Photos of the Fabulous City and  Designs by Some of amazing Genre Designers  that reside there
ah yesss laced with the Hunt  Steam III  *grins* is On !!!

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